Our Entertainers allow us to provide the ultimate experience in entertainment, and event flow. DJs in the Entertainer, and Elite Entertainer experiences will provide you with an MC/DJ Host whom acts as the reception coordinator to keep your reception running smoothly while interacting with your guests to create a unique experience that your guests will remember.

Split Second Sound is the ONLY DJ company that tiers it’s DJs, as that's the only way to be fully transparent on the level of our services as we don't set pricing based on fancy equipment, but DJ and MC talent and how they can control a room. At Split Second Sound, a DJ works his way through training as an assistant on weddings or with small parties, regardless of their prior experience. They then start in the Classic package, on their way to building their reputation within the SSS brand. Through client reviews and requests and gaining valuable wedding experience, they move up into the Entertainer series. Then, the top reviewed and requested Entertainers move into the Elite Entertainer package, like being named an All-Star in sports.

We have Experiences and prices to fit every budget and need, like our Classic Experience that features a single DJ to make announcements and play music. This ‘stripped down’ version of our other Experiences still gives you the comfort and backing of a proven company when just a great DJ is needed.

All Experiences come with a detailed online reception form designed exclusively by SSS to connect you with your DJ and to any vendor you want to keep in the loop. The Lead Entertainer or DJ will review the form with you to finalize every detail before the wedding including must plays, do not plays, timeline, announcements, and more. Creating memories is not about just playing music. It's creating an atmosphere that is a once in a lifetime experience for you and your guests.

Check out our Additional Services for add on’s to any Experience, including: Client Concierge Service, Uplighting, L.E.D. live percussionist & strings, video or photo booth, and more!

Wedding Experiences

Classic Wedding Experience

Perfect for more of a cocktail reception, and some dancing, or when you have an experienced wedding planner to coordinate the reception, and just need a solid DJ to play good music! A Classic wedding experience provides an MC/DJ that plays music, makes all necessary formal announcements, helps with the flow, and takes requests, if approved by client.

Features: A DJ who has been through training with SSS, has some wedding experience and along with the full backing of SSS is able to build a reputation and gain experience at a high level by working within the Split company structure.

Entertainer Wedding Experience


One of our interactive Entertainer MC/DJs will mix music, make all of the formal announcements necessary, coordinate the flow of your formalities, take requests, and engage with your guests for a more personalized experience. The DJs in this Experience have years of wedding experience exclusively with SSS, but in most cases, have more than 10 to 20 years worth of prior DJ experience. The DJ "Entertainer" is where Split Second Sound built it's reputation as interactive fun DJs who take full responsibility to make your wedding a memorable one.

Features: Single Lead MC/DJ Entertainer with reception coordination. Receive access to our exclusive online planner, crowd & guest interaction, and motion dance lighting.

Elite Wedding Experience


The most requested, versatile, and experienced Entertainers who know how to smoothly mix the right song songs for your reception. They handle all of your formal announcements, take an active role in working with your other vendors to ensure a smooth flow throughout the entire duration of your wedding celebration, and deliver an energized experience for you, and all of your guests.

Our Elite DJs consist of: Jonah P. (Elite Plus), Mike N, Derek, Lauren, Matt P, Charlie, Chad, Jonny, Steve B, and Mike G
Features: Single Elite MC/DJ with reception coordination. Receive access to our exclusive online planner, guest & crowd interaction and motion dance lighting.


Split Live Percussion Experience


Can’t decide between a band or a DJ? This gives you the best of both worlds by having the music versatility of a DJ, and the live feel of a band. Raise the energy level by adding a professional LED drummer, and/or accent percussionists to any package (2 hour minimum) LED percussionist -- LED-lit drum kit setup with a standing drummer for a more visual performance along with guest interaction. Accent percussionist -- lighter instruments like congas and accent drums. Available for any event as an upgrade to any DJ package. Add some spice and rhythm to any style of event. Featuring Steven Apostolo (the main LED percussionist), or any percussionist on our team, that jam along with the music being mixed live by the DJ. Bring the energy to an event and take it to another level with a unique live show experience - A one of a kind in the country!!!

Featuring DJ Vinny (the owner of SSS. Vinny is also the Game Day DJ for the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium; he has filled that role for more than the past decade. He performed at NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr's wedding, opened up for Justin Timberlake, and the Zac Brown Band, as well as having been flown out to Cancun, Cabo, and the Bahamas for other clients.) or one of Split’s Elite DJs, an LED percussionist, a sax player and a violin player with an accent percussionist as an added on option for an incredible ensemble. <br>
Get the versatility and mixing capabilities of a DJ to play anything with the live feel and sound of musicians to bring the extra energy to every song! Click right HERE to see what this is all about.


Ceremony Only

Separate system for ceremony music and/or voice amplification.

Features: Voice amplification includes one lavaliere microphone for the minister, and one handheld microphone for vows or a reader/singer with separate speaker from reception if needed. Additional lav mic costs extra.

Can be added to any DJ experience as a bundle deal!