Our Entertainers allow us to provide the ultimate experience in entertainment and event flow. The MC/DJ Host acts as the reception coordinator to keep your reception running smoothly while interacting with your guests to create a unique experience.

At Split Second, a DJ can only become a ‘Lead’ after a minimum of 5 to 24 months of assistant training with other SSS Lead Entertainers. By the time of completion, they have worked at least 20 to 50 weddings, as well as a range of other events.

Our Classic Series features a Single DJ to make announcements and play music. This ‘stripped down’ version of our higher packages still gives you the comfort and backing of a proven company when just a great DJ is needed.

All packages come with a detailed online reception form designed exclusively by SSS to connect you with your DJ. The Lead Entertainer or DJ will review the form with you tofinalize every detail before the wedding including must plays, do not plays, timeline, announcements, and more.

Check out our Additional Services for add on’s to any package including Client Concierge Service, Uplighting, and LED Live Percussionist and more!

Our Packages


With consistent referrals & positive reviews, Entertainer MC/DJs manage the room with their energy & personalities to create the perfect flow. The main DJ in this package has years wedding experience with SSS, but in most cases, 10 to 15 years or more prior DJ experience.

Features: Single Lead MC/DJ Entertainer with reception coordination. Receive access to our exclusive online planner, crowd & guest interaction, and motion dance lighting.


ELITE: 4+ Hours

The Elite are some of our most requested & reviewed Entertainers in the industry, who every year have to prove they deserve to be in the package - Mike Nania, Jonny Piscitelli, Charlie Esparza, Derek Andreas, Chris Pounds, Chad Carpenter and Joey Verde.

Features: Single Elite MC/DJ with reception coordination. Receive access to our exclusive online planner, guest & crowd interaction and motion dance lighting.


DJ Vinny: 4+ Hours

Exclusive to Vinny Esposito, owner of SSS & Game Day DJ for the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium, going into his 10th season. He has also performed at Dale Jr's wedding, opened up for Justin Timberlake and the Zac Brown Band as well as Cancun, Cabo & the Bahamas for clients.

Features: Features SSS's very own Vinny Esposito as MC/DJ, reception coordination, access to our exclusive online planner, guest & crowd interaction and dance lights.


The Owner's Corner

The owner's corner includes Jonah and Levar, the two most requested, and reviewed DJ's in Split Second, who have reputations as the best in the city! Jonah handles over 50 weddings a year, one last year in Puerto Rico, while Levar has done the likes of Stef Curry, Stephen Gilmore, Tre Boston's weddings.

Features:Full Coordination and Guest/Interaction, includes motion dance lighting, and access to our exclusive online planner.


Perfect for more of a cocktail reception & light dancing. Great if you have an experienced wedding planner to coordinate the reception!

The Classic MC/DJs will play good music & make formality announcements with very limited interaction as they do NOT manage the flow.


THE BASIC: 4 Hours Only

Usually newer DJ's to the SSS family, but with No interaction, coordination or dance lighting. Just good music and announcements.

You can NOT add ceremony to this package. Recommended for under 100 people and when you have a "professional" wedding planner.

Split Second Experience

Get the best of both worlds!

Features: Pick any package with a DJ/MC for your announcements and music, then and add a live LED percussionists, accent percussion, symphony strings for your ceremony-cocktail hour- special dances or maybe electric strings (Violin) to jam during the reception.

Any time you add a live musician element to a DJ, it brings the whole experience to a new level of energy and excitement. Ask about how you can add one of these experiences to your wedding.


Separate system for ceremony music and/or sound.

Features: Sound includes one lav mic for the minister & one handheld for vows or a reader/singer with separate speaker from reception if needed. Additional cost for another lav mic.

Can be added to any DJ package as a bundle deal!