Split Second Live Experience


Bring the energy to an event and take it to another level with a unique live show experience - A one of a kind in the country!!!

Featuring DJ Vinny (or one of Split’s Elite DJs), an LED percussionist, a sax player and a violin player with an accent percussionist as an added on option for an incredible ensemble.

Get the versatility and mixing capabilities of a DJ to play anything with the live feel and sound of musicians to bring the extra energy to every song!



The Split Live DJ Experience is a creative blend of a DJ who smoothly mixes a variety of song styles along with the energy and “liveness" of musicians to give a unique feel of a live band. It's the best of both worlds for the listener as the DJ seamlessly blends songs one after another while a percussionist, saxophonist, and violinist add in their own original flavor to the music, creating a new sound to familiar music everybody knows. From creating a vibe and cool grooves to sing-a-longs and energetic dance music, the Split Live DJ Experience covers it all!

Some of our recently attended event locations with the Split Live DJ Experience have included AC Hotel by Marriott Greenville, Carmel Country Club, Westin Charlotte, Charlotte Convention Center, The Crossing at Hollar Mill, Bank of America Stadium, Omni Hotel, & many more!!


Here's a taste of the experience: