Vinny and Diane were at Fuddruckers having dinner with the family when they met Rashaad. They swore that Rashaad was a DJ based on how he spoke on the mic and alsohow he interjected fun in the announcing of the orders being ready. When they heard him say “Yo! My cousin Vinny, your order is ready”, they knew they wanted to learn more. That was in 2003, and Rashaad has been with Split ever since. Rashaad is a natural when it comes to entertainment. He is witty on the mic, knows how to command a crowd’s attention, and also how to manage an event. His style is a lot of fun mixed with humor, and he has a personality that everyone falls in love with. He loves to entertain, and it is very evident in his performances as his energy is infectious. If you want a mellow party, he is not the man as all of Rashaad's parties are high octane while maintaining a professional demeanor.