Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Raj began his musical journey at the age of 5 when his parents gifted him a drum set for Christmas. Few years later, the drum set was upgraded and drum lessons were being booked with the late Phil Salah. Raj continued playing drums in many different bands (Blues, Rock, Punk and Reggae) throughout his teenage years all while running a recording studio in his parents basement where he began producing his own Hip Hop/R&B records. In 2019, Raj landed his first record placement with Republic Records for a song he produced titled “Captain Planet” by Kemba. This being his first time ever being paid a large sum for his music, Raj invested that money back into himself and purchased his first DJ controller. This is where he began learning the art of DJing and he quickly developed a passion for dance music. Moving to Charlotte in 2022, Raj has found his way into the music scene and joined Split Second Sound to start pursuing a career as a professional DJ.