Since before Neil can remember, he has had a passion for music. His first job as a young teenager was working in a recording studio at Carowinds amusement park. Three years later, he started working for Sound Choice studios where he met Vinny Esposito in 2000 and almost immediately started working for Split Second Sound. Neil started by running live sound for local bands & large concerts and then started assisting Vinny with DJ jobs. In 2003, Split saw an immediate increase in the DJ side of the business. By 2005, Neil had his own reputation as a DJ who was on top of all the new tunes coming out and was promoted to Lead DJ. He still won't talk on the mic, but he can rock a party with his music! In 2008, Neil designed and developed the Audio Visual (A/V) system package for Split Second Sound allowing Split to offer a visual sensory impact to the already remarkable sound quality. Neil's lap top mixing, CD scratching, and other equipment allow him to do what most DJ's cannot. He is versatile and experienced. Don't let his shyness on the mic fool you. He knows what it takes to get a party going and what it takes to keep them dancing all night.