Mike H

Mike has always had a passion for music, starting off at a young age, making cassette tapes for friends at school. This eventually became a small business for him, making and selling mixtapes in High School. His years of making tapes and music weren’t in vain, as Mike was later approached by a friend to perform live alongside him. After performing a wedding together, he was hooked. For Mike, “the thrill never gets old.” He loves seeing the happy faces of guests, couples, friends, and family as he takes events from 0 to 100 with his music and mixing. Mike is originally from Los Angeles, California, making the move from the West coast to the East in 2009 with his wife and son. After professionally DJing throughout California, Mike knew that he wanted to continue his passion here in North Carolina. A friend referred him to Vinny, and the two knew instantly that Mike would make a great addition to the Split Second family. Mike never views any two weddings or events the same; everyone is individual. In getting a vibe for the atmosphere, guests invited, and musical preferences, Mike makes sure that he gives you the exact party that you want. As a DJ and an all-around performer, Mike has the comfortability in front of crowds of any size and experience necessary to create that perfect party atmosphere. He knows that you and your guests are there to have a good time, treating “every event as an occasion. It’s not a club, it’s not a party. It’s an occasion.” Let Mike create that ideal mold for your special occasion.
  • Mary Austin
    Mike was wonderful!!! Thank you so much for staying and being so flexible! So many music tastes and he managed it beautifully! My thanks for the happy birthday help.....So many felt he made the night the hit it was! I do hope he was able to eat some of that fantastic food. Thank you!!
    Mary Austin
  • Chantal Lyon
    We absolutely loved our DJ Mike Hall as did our guests. Everyone, young and old, was dancing the whole night - we have gotten so many compliments on the DJ, and how we had the most fun wedding people had ever attended! I wasn't sure what type of music or songs to select going into it, so I really liked how Mike took general songs that I liked in order to get the right kind of vibe for the night, and how he played off the guests to continue the party mood of everyone and not break it up. With that said, we had a wonderful experience and you could definitely use us as a reference!
    Chantal Lyon
  • Stacie Bigmon
    Big Mike and Stuart got the crowd going and were awesome!! We had a small wedding reception group of only 40 people, age ranging from 3 to 92, so it was not the easiest of crowds to get motivated. We had a great time and we would be happy to be a reference. Thanks for making our day even more special.
    Stacie Bigmon