Starting off behind the scenes as a videographer, Matt quickly transitioned to the forefront as a dynamic MC/DJ. His humor and passion for making each event outstanding allows him to make everyone in the room feel comfortable and ready to have the best time. He loves meeting new people, learning something new from everybody that he meets. Matt’s great attention to detail, organization skills, and experience allow him to make every event go off without a hitch. He also uses this skill set to excel in Real Estate when he isn’t MCing or DJing. Knowing that communication is key before, leading up to, during, and after every event has allowed Matt to form strong relationships with everyone that he works with, from vendors and venues to couples, party hosts, and guests. Every event that he does instantly becomes his favorite, noting that “there is nothing like the natural high at the end of an evening when you know you gave your all and it all came together.” Matt’s exposure to various genres and extensive love for music gives him the ability to go from Rhythm and Blues to Bachata, Southern Rock, Shag and Salsa, Dance to Disco seamlessly. Simply put, Matt is someone who “takes fun very seriously.” Often found leading the masses on the dancefloor, he’s not shy to get the party started and get everyone engaged. Matt thrives on the energy that is created by bringing an entire group of people into one goal, one mindset, and one celebration.