Matt possesses a dynamic personality that just cannot be placed into any one category. He is both serious and playful and with so many different life experiences, there is not any situation or social group that he cannot interact with or connect to. He knows instinctively how to reach out to those around him and get the crowd engaged into whatever the purpose or activity may be. Oh, and don’t be surprised to see him out there on the dance floor shaking it with the best of them! Loving alternative punk rock and being raised by rock n’ rollers, Matt was exposed to a large variety of albums from some of the best bands at an early age. Matt has never stopped expanding his diverse love for various musical flavors. From Rhythm and Blues to Bachata, Southern Rock, Shag and Salsa, Dance to Disco; Matt has successfully MC’d and DJ’d numerous weddings, parties, corporate events and dances. Matt thrives on the energy that is created by bringing an entire group of people into one goal, one mindset, one celebration. He says, “There is nothing like the natural high at the end of an evening when you know you gave your all and it all came together.” As much enjoyment Matt gives and receives at each event, he is just as serious and passionate about the details. Ranked top 5 nationally in his career in corporate America, his attention todetail and clear communication is relentless. He owns his work and loves what he does. It is his deepest desire to make each and every event an immense success. “I take my fun very seriously."