Mahlon's passion for music grew from childhood having parents that are musically inclined. His Dad was a drummer in a local jazz band, and his mother play piano for a number of years. From jazz to classical music to R&B and more, Mahlon enjoyed listening to many genres of music. While in school, this motivated him to learn how to play the violin, upright bass, and drums. This early interest led to becoming a DJ and experimenting with his Dad's record collection. At end of the 80's into the 90's, Mahlon then bought his own turntables and would play music at backyard parties and family picnics. Eventually he received the opportunity to perform at the weddings of a few close friends, and his DJ career took off from there. Since joining SSS in 2013, Mahlon has continued to prove himself being steady, reliable, and great at beat matching music. He has a smooth charismatic approach that makes the event just flow. Mahlon carefully reviews the forms that a couple fills out, but his real understanding comes when he sits down with them. He is able to make the couple feel comfortable while provoking their thoughts and observing the way they joke about what songs to play. This creates a personal relationship and he is able to customize his plan for the wedding. Mahlon thinks of himself as an ambassador. It is his job to bring people and music together. When that happens, they dance, and their party becomes a journey that creates moments they will remember for some time.