If you’re looking for YOUR party rocker, look no further than Kyle Wardrop, aka “DJ Drop”. Kyle was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, but in 2004 moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to attend college and study Music Theory and Performance. After school, he was invited to tour with multiple bands, thus launching his professional music career. He excelled as a touring drummer and producer and has contributed on a multitude of records to this day. After settling back down in D.C. and drumming on several hip hop and pop projects, Kyle was intrigued with the life of the music producer, which naturally segued into becoming a DJ. Since 2013, he has been sampling, scratching, and mixing tracks that have led him to open up for some big-name headliners such as Quest Love and Zedd, and even to DJ for a Presidential Inaugural Gala. To describe DJ Drop’s current style is nearly impossible because he crosses so many genres in live DJ sets. His “Open Format” signature sound is a blend of 80’s, 90’s 2000’s, Old School Hip-Hop, House, Pop, Oldies, and Funk. Drop’s live sets are infused with relentless energy, as he flawlessly flows in and out of tracks to keep everyone on the dance floor moving, focusing on what will make his audience the happiest.