Keith was born in Queens, NY and raised in Charlotte, NC. In 2012, he married his high school sweetheart. It was on that day that his love for music began. He had first-hand experience in seeing how that magic touch from the Split Second Sound team affected his wedding guests. He realized then the importance of having a high-quality DJ that is skilled in bringing a party to life! For this reason, Keith dedicates himself to his clients, ensuring that they will have the celebration of their dreams. Keith is the go-to man for any musical needs in his personal life, as his friends and family know Keith will have the perfect song to liven any party. He spends his free time with his son and studying music to make sure that he is confidently able to deliver quality service to his clients. Keith has really excelled in his DJ skills while working with Split Second Sound as he has been a part of many weddings, corporate and private parties, and school events. Keith is able to incorporate his own style along with any party, being fun loving and down to earth. He looks forward to highlighting the personal elements of any event. He is thrilled to be part of the SSS team!

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