Joey started DJing on a radio station in Italy. He is fluent in English and Italian. Growing up listening to rock and eventually learning to appreciate hip-hop, pop, and freestyle, country was added to the list after Joey moved down south. At 19, he began to work for Fat Cat Productions in Long Island. After a few years, a friend of Joe’s pushed him to go out on his own. He purchased his own equipment and started his own company working part time. Joe had big ideas that inspired his friends to call him “Joey Dreamer”, which was later adapted to DJ Dreamer. In early 2000s, Joey came to visit Charlotte and decided to make it his permanent home. He began working for Split Second Sound in 2003. Being one of the original 4 DJ’s, he has since worked weddings of all cultural backgrounds, along with a multitude of events and parties. A quote that Joey relates to is “Music is a piece of art that goes into the ears and straight to the heart." He incorporates this belief with every event. Wedding days are not about the DJ but about the Bride and Groom, the atmosphere of the party, the flow of the music, and the overall experience of the moments being shared. Joey’s passion and diligence begin when he meets the Bride and Groom. He pays attention to every detail by practicing active listening as the clients describe their vision and music style. He then spends time preparing by compiling all of his research, conversations, and experience to apply it to the event. Joey’s goal is to not just be a DJ but create a relationship with the client. By doing this, he ensures that the party is as personalized as it could possibly be.