Growing up in eastern North Carolina, Harrison took piano and drum lessons at an early age. However, it wasn't until high school that he discovered his interest in DJing. He remembers being unimpressed with his DJ at prom and knowing that he could perform better, and with experience running the soundboard for his church, decided to pursue the craft. While at Wofford College, Harrison connected with a DJ that was working the 5k he was running and landed his first gig at the Clemson Student Center a few months later. The 4 hour event brought in thousands of students and it was Harrison's responsibility to keep up the energy and excitement by DJing the dance party portion of the event. He was hooked! After transferring to UNCC in 2014, Harrison connected with Vinny through a Facebook group and joined the Split Second Sound Family. He loves the solid reputation of the company, the mentorship from the other DJs and the personal connections he's made with clients and vendors. His most memorable event was winning over a bride with very high expectations and executing the perfect wedding even with set-up challenges. Outside of DJing, Harrison enjoys woodworking, riding bikes and spending time with his grandmother who also happens to be his roommate!