After making a name for himself rapping, Finian, formerly known as Chaundon (of the Justus League), continues his journey to leave his mark within the music industry by adding DJ to his brand. In 2016, Finian started to build a name for himself as Fin The DJ in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area. He started his DJ career at The Bar Ber Shop in Raleigh, NC. About a month later, The Bar Ber Shop asked him to DJ for the company at Pack-A-Palooza on NC State’s campus and he was recruited to be the resident DJ at Skyzone Trampoline Park. Once he built his name there he started DJ’ing for Duke University, NC State, and corporate companies all over North Carolina. He has also garnished a lot of bookings with weddings, and private parties by word of mouth from his corporate gigs. Fin The DJ is a remarkable entertainer and a versatile DJ with a strong and expressive voice. Packed with an extensive music collection, Fin The DJ’s performances exude crowd-pumping energy that captivates people and keeps them on the dance floor. Overall, the combination of business acumen, likability, and high-octane performance style continues to make Fin The DJ one of the premier DJs to watch.

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