Ernesto, also known as DJ Fiesto, is here to ensure that every single person at your event is happy and having the best time. His outgoing and friendly personality has him leaving every event with countless new friends. Ernesto prides himself on bringing style, innovation and versatility to his mixes, giving a clean cut and effective sound while catering to the diverse taste of the audience. His life has always revolved around music, allowing it to become more of a lifestyle than anything else. Born and raised in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Ernesto was always involved in music, keeping up with what was new, making mixtapes, and going out to support friends that were DJs. In 1999, he made his way over to the states on a soccer scholarship to West Virginia Wesleyan College. Here he paired together his already vast knowledge of music with what he learned previously from friends, and he began to DJ. He DJed everything from university led events to social events for friends and family. From here, Ernesto went on to work for the Language and Culture Institute at Virginia Tech, where his reputation as an outstanding DJ preceded itself. Following his move to Charlotte during the summer of 2017, Ernesto knew that he wanted to join another musical family here. After finding Split Second Sound, the addition to the family was made. Ernesto works hard way before the day of your event, making sure that he gets to know you to the fullest. He loves getting a sense for every guest that will be attending, making sure that he has an idea of the atmosphere before the day of. With professionalism and wholesomeness feeding his values, Ernesto is a family man and a father, as well. He’ll be that tremendous extension to your special day in no time!

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