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From a young age, Chris has always been infatuated with music; going to see DJs perform concerts at his local YMCA whenever he could. Making different sounds and blending two songs to make them sound like one, all through use of two tables and a mixer fascinated him. Chris began learning to DJ from friends and he was obsessed. His passion began to grow from there as Chris realized that what he loved most was bringing happiness to others through music. For him, “it was always about the enjoyment of others.” With this, Chris was constantly working to learn more about music, different instruments, and different ways to make sound. He is always looking for ways to step out of his comfort zone to better prepare himself for any event. His goal is to create a perfect atmosphere for you and your guests that bridges the gap between all ages, cultures, and tastes in music. Chris was born and raised in Philadelphia, making the move to New Jersey after meeting his wife and having children. From there, they made the move down to North Carolina where he heard about Vinny and Split Second Sound. After hearing Chris perform just seven songs, Vinny knew that he’d be a perfect fit. Chris is proud of the amazing work he’s done as a DJ and is confident in his ability to adapt to any situation thrown his way. From watching local Philly DJs at the YMCA to performing for crowds of thousands, there is no doubt that Chris has come full circle. His songs and mixes take you back and those feel good memories start to flow. Hire Chris for your event, and let him take you on a trip down memory lane while getting you hooked on some new music!


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  • When going to choose my wedding vendors SSS seemed to be the universal choice for DJ's in the Charlotte area. Their reputation speaks for itself. With our package we were able to request a DJ and my coordinator recommended Chris Pounds. Not knowing any of the others I went for it. We are soo glad we did! I met with Chris once leading up to the wedding and talked about our day. I told him I wanted to feel like I was in the club all night but still be respectful of the older crowd. I gave him a few request but ultimately figured his job was to play what he wanted in order to keep the dance floor packed and that's exactly what he did. We had a mix of everything but everybody had a blast. We ended our reception with a sing-along to Bohemian Rhapsody-- something I never would have requested in a million years but it was a huge hit and the perfect way to end the night.