Charlie fell in love with DJing at 13 years old. He was born in Dallas, Texas but was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Charlie started with house music and began to master the art of mixing and blending music as he transitioned into hip hop and rap. Charlie’s ability to scratch, blend, and beat match has made him one of the best that Split has to offer. Behind the scenes, Charlie is raising his daughter as a single dad. He gives her such delicate care from having her involved in karate to going to eat lunch with her during school. Charlie is respectful and humble. From the moment you watch him at his craft, you will be blown away. His unique style allows him to speak through his music but does not restrict him to staying behind the booth. He will get out and lead the dancing when it is called for. He constantly works at his craft . He holds mixing workshops with his fellow DJs and spins at local bars all over Charlotte. He is extremely notable in the Hispanic clubs. He is fluent in Spanish but is versed in several different cultures. He won the Rising Star award for DJs in 2012 and remains one of the most trendsetting DJs of Charlotte.