Chad is a native of Charlotte. He went to college at Western Carolina University where he worked as a DJ at the local radio station. Although the experience was noteworthy, Chad knew he wanted to be outside the booth. He craved the interaction of the crowd. During his sophomore year, his parents opened a company that was similar to Split Second. During his junior and senior year, he began working as a full time DJ with them. After graduating in 2003 with a Bachelor of Art & Theater, Chad made his way to New York to pursue acting. He remained there until 2013 when he moved with his wife and two children back to Charlotte to be closer to family. Working with commercial insurance, he longed to be a part of the entertainment world. Chad ran into Vinny at a show and what is a better way to jump back in the industry than with the largest DJ company in Charlotte. Chad stands out because of his experience and passion for this industry. Although he knows how to work a crowd, he realizes the day is not about him. He carefully researches and prepares with the bride and groom with diligence, care and true listening skills. He takes that information, packages it together, and applies it to ensure the best experience as soon as the doors open throughout the night. His goal at any event is to give his all so that everyone is beyond pleased with the end result.