At age 10, Libni realized his love for music while searching through his aunt’s CD collection. He was fascinated by all of the different types of music and has since then been on the constant look out for more. In high school, he started making mixtapes for friends and grew into eventually selling them. He knew then and there that his life revolved and would forever revolve around music. In 2014, he made the move from Belize to Atlanta, Georgia. There, he attended Scratch Academy, calling champions of the DJ competition world his classmates. He quickly fit right in, mixing with and befriending the best. In 2018, he moved to Charlotte with his wife and daughter. From there, he reached out to Diane and joined the Split Second family. Libni has a vast knowledge of all different types of music ranging from Caribbean and Latin to Top 40 playlists. He’ll give you exactly what you’re looking for the day of your event while exposing you to some new music to fall in love with, as well. Some of Libni’s fondest memories DJing are the moments spent bonding with and learning from his peers. He is the DJ for everyone, every culture, and every mood.

Here's an example of Libni's mixing techniques: