Romelo is originally from Raleigh, NC, where he grew up in a “two minute town” and really began falling in love with music of all genres. He moved to Charlotte in 2015 to attend UNC Charlotte, where he received his undergraduate degree and has been in Charlotte since then. "I absolutely love Charlotte and all it has to offer, it is a great city and North Carolina is the best." When Romelo first started his career in Human Resources, he always played music in the office and his coworkers would refer to me as the "Office DJ". Romelo has always had a love for music and a knowledge of vast genres. He reached out to Split Second Sound, as an assistant so he could learn from all of the amazing DJ's on staff and become a DJ. He likes to listen to Pop, R&B, Soul, Indie, Hip-Hop, Country, Bluegrass, Classic Rock, 90s, 80s, 70s and has created many playlists to fit into almost any setting. He gravitates towards songs that will make you sing in the shower/car over dance hits, but is always open to dance! 
Romelo got started in the industry because he is an aspiring business owner, outside of his normal day-to-day job where he is a Corporate Recruiter. He wanted to have something that he absolutely loved and where he could give back to the community around me with potential jobs. He has always loved music and has loved how music makes him feel. Romelo knows it can be really special to others and after being referred to as the "Office DJ", it has led him to Split Second Sound."There is SO much to learn and I LOVE to learn and challenge myself to continuously learn and to keep learning and with the entertainment industry, there are always things to learn and new challenges that present themselves and I am one who is open to those challenges."
Romelo has a well rounded sports background and believes that his background can shape him into being an MC who knows how to pump up a party.  In his freetime, Romelo enjoys reading, listening to music, working out, being outside, and hanging out with friends. While traveling for his full time job, he enjoys reading motivational books or listening to podcasts. & music. A fun fact about Romelo is that his middle name is Shakur, after 2Pac Shakur which he thinks is where his enjoyment of music fits his name. Julius Peppers also graduated from his High School (He was a star Defensive End for the Carolina Panthers, multi-sport athlete for the Carolina Tarheels). A few goals that he has for the future are to stay motivated, become a business owner, and never lose sight of my "Why". His biggest "Why" is to be able to give back to those that helped him, as well as to be able to give to those who need the help.