Why Split Second?

1. One BIG thing that sets Split Second apart is how we act as your coordinators to help ensure a smooth event for you - absolutely free of charge! We work with all of your vendors to make sure everything goes according to your plan. No unexpected surprises, no stress, just enjoying your own party!
Our reputable Entertainer Series of MC/DJs separate us from the rest. You have probably heard the expression "A DJ can make or break a party". Our Lead MC/DJs do not take anything for chance and actually act as reception coordinators for FREE- Lining the bridal party up, making sure the champagne is poured and the best man is ready before going into the toast, making sure Dad is in the room before the bride/father dance, and so on.

By taking on that responsibility, this enables the party to keep flowing smoothly while building the energy level up into an eventual dance party that you and your guests will always remember.
2. Personalities! We love to get out and party with your guests. Not every crowd is ready to party, but we know what it takes to get them going. Sometimes it is not just the right songs, but it is what you do and say that really get the party started!
Our Lead MC/DJs can entertain, interact and actually motivate your guests into having a great time without being the obnoxious DJ who runs around yelling on the mic. In a subliminal way, they either dance with or persuade your guests into letting loose and having fun. Most parties are broken up this way: 20% will dance to any music or any DJ, 20% will probably not dance to anything but maybe slow songs, but it is the 60% that want to have a good time that just need persuaded to get out on the floor. Our guys are trained and experienced in getting more people on the dance floor than the average DJ.
3. High Energy and Interaction - We always exceed your expectations!! We create the spark to maintain a level of fun that memories are made from and keep your guests talking about your party for years to come!
Throughout the years, we have learned about human behavior to know exactly what it takes for people to enjoy themselves in a clean, fun atmosphere like a wedding reception. We maintain continuous workshop and training to make sure we are on top of our game at all times. Our Entertainers understand people and how to get them on the same page by quickly decerning age, where they are from, their cultural background and so on. To deliver a great experience you have to know about everybody at your event and what they expect from past experiences.
4. You are the boss! We customize every party to your personality, style and taste with a fun pre-planning meeting with you and your DJ.
No DJ should ever tell you “no” or how to run your wedding reception or any event. This means they can only do it one kind of way to be successful. A professional MC/DJ should find out what the client likes, what they do not want, how they want the night to progress and the atmosphere they want to set and then show them how they can make the perfect night your way. From a full blown African wedding to announcements in Italian or Mong, to a Latin or Greek wedding to mix of North and South, we have done them all and love the challenge of handling mixed cultural parties.
5. Referrals! We have a long list of recent clients and other industry vendors you can personally ask how Split Second Sound compares to other companies in the area!
Split Second Sound is 90% referral-based meaning if we do not fully perform at every event then we do not have business. We have the confidence and experience to keep this as the backbone of our company for 18 years now. We would love to set up an in-person or phone consultation to talk with you. We will explain our process, so you can make an educated decision and see how we are the right entertainers for you!