1Are we able to meet the DJ before the wedding?
Yes! Our DJ’s will set up a time to do a go-over. This allows you to work on timelines, collaborate on music and even work together to build a mashup or customize introductions! This takes place at least a week prior, allowing the DJ to be adequately prepared.
2Do I have the option to choose my DJ?
Of course! You will find bios, reviews, and videos of our staff on our website and can choose at any point. If you aren’t sure who exactly you want, we can match you (like E- Harmony) through our specially designed match maker service with one of our Exclusive MC/DJs. This way the entire service to tailored to your style and your needs!
3Do I pay for set-up time?
NO! You do not pay for set-up or breakdown. We have an employee monitoring a check- in phone that the DJ’s are required to check in with upon arrival. We require them to arrive minimum of two hours (or more) before your wedding in the event something happens. This allows time for our paid back-up DJ to be on site, set-up and be ready to go.
4Why do I need to set up a phone call or physical appointment?
We recognize that not all weddings have the same requirements. Split Second Sound likes to get to know our clients and be able to tailor a quote according to needs, vision and venue. We know that you will leave with a piece of mind after seeing our office and meeting with us. We have a full-time office staff that handles everything from questions, contracts, communication with vendors and a free in-house concierge service to assist you along the way.
5Does Split Second Sound have a list of songs to choose from?
We actually have over 100,000 songs to choose from with each DJ, but instead of giving you a cookie cutter list, each DJ likes to sit down with you and come up with a pre-list of must plays, optional songs, and do not plays. This allows us to customize the wedding specifically to your taste.
6What does your setup look like?
Split Second Sound has a very clean setup. We don’t put out any advertisements or any banners. We’d rather we blend in with your décor. We have a nice black wall that we have in front of our setup that covers all the wires. So ultimately, a nice and clean while still presentable setup.
7Are there any other services you provide?
Yes! We offer uplighting, Client Concierge Service, customizable monograms, A/V (TV’s), videography services, and more. Check out all of our additional services under our ‘Services’ tab!
8Do you provide photo booths?
We have partnered with ShutterBooth Charlotte to offer discounted prices through ShutterBooth. Once you have contracted us as your DJ, the discounted prices will be available. This is a testament to how we maintain great relationships with local vendors!
9Do you take requests?
Requests are something that is discussed in our go-overs. Once you fill out the forms on your online planner, the DJ will be able to see the styles, do’s and don’t plays, must plays, etc. We can take requests according to your vision and stay within your parameters!