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LeVar - MC DJ Owner's Pick

Music has been a passion of LeVar's since he was a child. At the age of 9, he began taking a strong interest in the songwriting process and development of songs in the Hip Hop and R&B genre. As he got older, he furthered his knowledge and practiced the trumpet for 6 years, playing in concerts and the marching band. During his freshman year of high school, he began to develop engineering and production skills to record and produce demos for various local artists as well as his own personal career as an independent hip hop artist. In 2006, he graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in Business Administration where he interned at a digital production/recording studio and was hired on full time after his graduation. LeVar was introduced to Vinny Esposito, and they immediately made a connection with their passion for music. He joined Split Second Sound in October of 2006 and has been an essential member ever since. Split Second provides top quality service, and LeVar has always been proud to say that he is a part of the family. He brings a young and energetic feel to any party. His personality and passion for music is a perfect match with Split Second Sound and the high standard they require.
LeVar won (in a tight battle) the Most Requested DJ by Vendors & Clients in 2010, 2011, and 2014. He also won the 2011 Lifetime Achievement award for his contributions towards SSS and the DJ industry. LeVar has worked with Ken Knox of Chairman of the Board and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. LeVar prides himself in his delivery. He can only provide that assurance because of the research, time, and attentiveness he spends on each event. His natural ability to connect, read, and move a crowd is great, but he goes above and beyond to ensure that he is providing more than just a good experience. He expects the most from himself and in return expects you to receive the best quality entertainment. 

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23 April 2011 Do I have the option to choose the DJ of my choice?


29 April 2017 "We could not have asked for a better DJ/Emcee for our wedding. LeVar was everything we wanted. His ability to connect with the crowd, keep the party going, and play music of all genres/generations was incredible. He walked around to different tables at the beginning to meet the guests and get a feel for the type of people in attendance, and that went a long way in making sure as many people were constantly out on the dance floor as possible. He was such a pleasure and joy to work with and I would recommend him to anyone. Something that stood out to us and is a great representation of the type of guy LeVar is - we had an uninvited guest show up in the middle of dancing. Without missing a beat, LeVar noticed this person, recognized he did not belong, and notified someone immediately. We didn't even know about this until everything was over! So with LeVar, you get an amazing DJ, a great entertainer, a stand up guy, and added security!"

Scott & Colleen Hatfield

12 March 2016

"We want to thank you again for being a part of our wonderful day! Thank you for all your thoughtful song choices and the way you worked the crowd. Emily and I really appreciate your utmost professionalism, your promptness the day of the wedding and your efficiency in setting up your equipment. Thank you for accommodating all our song requests, as well as playing my brother’s original song — he was elated to hear his song played!

As you know, we were very busy that evening talking to all our guests and having our photos taken, and it was a great relief to know that we had Split Second Sound on our side, especially having one of the “Legends” to lead our most special night was a bonus. You made all our guests feel at ease and you seamlessly put
everything together. Any family issues that we may have had was nonexistent because everyone had the time of their lives — people danced, laughed, mingled and had an overall wonderful night. It was most surprising to see our Uncle Jim and Aunt Kay really tear up the dance floor, which wouldn’t have been possible without you behind the music and encouraging everyone to have a good time. Everything was so fluid and smooth that night! 

Thank you, LeVar, for not just being our DJ — it felt like you were part of our own family! You are a great person with the talent to read the crowd and understand how to adapt to all situations. Emily and I are extremely happy that Split Second Sound took care of all the details big and small so we could enjoy our night! Split Second Sound is hands down the best in town if not anywhere! We will definitely refer you to any of our friends and family for future events!If you have the time and if you happen to have a record of the playlist for our reception, we would love to get a list of what you played! We were thinking of putting together a playlist of the music that you played in order throughout the night. This is not urgent and if you are unable to get this info to us it’s no big deal. We just wanted to thank you again and I hope our paths cross again in the future, my brother!

God bless you and Split Second Sound!"

Shawn & Emily Enojado

5 November 2016 "We could not have asked for a better DJ for our wedding! The music was one of the most important things to us as we wanted our guests to have fun and stay out on the dance floor. LeVar was AMAZING. He spoke with my husband and I before our wedding to get an idea of what kind of music we like and our personalities and tailored the music list to our style. We were having so much fun that we bypassed the bubble exit we had planned so we could have 15 extra minutes to dance! Would 100% recommend! Ask for LeVar!"

The Knot Review

19 December 2015

"I just want to thank you guys for all you did.  It was amazing!  LeVar was incredible!  Hands down the best DJ I have ever been around at any wedding I have ever been to!  We will make sure to tell people about your services!! Thanks Again!! :)"

Eric & Erin Bean

9 January 2016 "LeVar was absolutely amazing and he truly outdid my expectations. Everything was perfect and wedding guests constantly tell me what a fun and interactive DJ he was! I could not be happier and I am so pleased with my selection in Split Second Sound."

Chase & Morgan McDonald

3 October 2015 "SSS was priceless to our wedding! We are in awe of all of the emotion captured in our images-and we have to give 99% of that credit to Levar for keeping the flow our wedding going! From our entrance (getting the crowd to wave their napkins) to our first dance (which SSS, MaryBeth! helped us created a 'jig' for) to keeping the dance floor going all night, Levar nailed it! As if that wasn't enough...Levar and my Husband did a duo rap together-which REALLY got the party going. Levar listened to our unique style of music requests and was able to feel the vibe of the room to know what to play next. One thing that really struck us when we were trying to pick a DJ was someone had told me once to determine whether we were ok with a DJ playing song after song...or did we prefer the excitement of mixing songs, mashups, stopping a song well if the mood isn't there, etc. (similar to how you hear it at events or clubs). That question made us realize we HAD to go with SSS. Music is SUCH an important part of your wedding, don't skimp! Forever grateful for LeVar, Mary-Beth and SSS!"

Justin & Michelle McCartney

17 October 2015 "I never thought I would be a person that had so much to say about a DJ!!! When we decided to choose to have a DJ play music at our wedding I figured, we just need someone to play music so people will dance. My photographer recommended LeVar Gladden and told me that I would not be disappointed. She could not have been more right!! He was amazing, he knew exactly what songs to play and the order without us having to give any direction. I wanted everyone to be dancing and having a great time, and that was exactly what we got. I am still hearing about how great the music was and how great Levar was weeks later from guests! He was so great great to work with and took any stress related to the timeline and the music off of our plate. Everything went so smoothly thanks to LeVar! I am not a person who typically writes reviews, but you must use Split Second Sound!!"

Lewis & Betsey Sugg

22 February 2014

"From the first phone call, you were nothing less than professional and informative. You provided me with every detail I could have needed and you asked the questions that were needed to get us thinking about what we really wanted out of a DJ at our wedding. The night we met for dinner was incredible. You took time to get to know Willis and I and then you took that information and used it to help us make song selections that would make our event perfect for us. You suggested songs we would never have thought of and they were perfect. I also love the time you put into making sure you could pronounce each of the names within our bridal party - there were some tricky ones.

The day of the wedding - WOW!! The lights you setup in the ceremony were the PERFECT final touch to making that room incredible!!! I am so glad you thought to suggest that. You did an amazing job queuing each of the songs throughout the ceremony and making the music run flawlessly. Then the reception started... I can't tell you how much fun you made the introductions of the bridal party. You kept everything moving smoothly and perfectly from the intros to the first dance to the dance with the parents to the cake cutting, toast, etc. Then, YOU got the party started like no one else could have. You shifted songs as needed to keep it all rolling and you even provided "public service announcements" so that we could all prepare for the groom and his groomsmen to show off there Jordans (although I was still not prepared for what happened next). :-)  You were amazing and truly set the tone for our entire reception. I wish I could tell you how many of our guest commented and bragged about our exceptional DJ! They all loved that you came around to speak to them and found out what kind of songs they would want to dance to. The interaction you provided with them was amazing, well received and appreciated.  From the beginning of wedding planning for us, our goal was to make sure the reception was an all out party. Thanks to you, it was nothing short of that. Our wedding reception would have never been the success it was had it not been for you. I truly hope you know how much we enjoyed having you as a part of our big day. The memories that you helped to create will stay with us for the rest of our lives. 


Willis & Christina Glenn

12 April 2014
"I am a corporate event planner for the past 20 years…so I am really  pretty much a hard sell on anything related to an event, and of course this was the most important event of all….my daughter’s wedding!
LeVar could not have been better…he is professional, accurate in his details, and so extremely personable and friendly!  He kept the crowd going, and struck the perfect chord on fun in good taste. He kept in touch with us prior to the wedding, and was so accommodating and helpful.  
I would recommend LeVar and Split Second Sound to ANYBODY!"

Neil & Amanda Couch

11 October 2014

"Split Second Sound, you guys are amazing! Your form helped us pick personal music and have a better understanding of the flow of the night. I am glad to share that we had the most amazing night! Much thanks to LeVar! It was perfect and all that I imagined and more. The weather was threatening before the ceremony, but he really did a great job moving everything inside and back out so that we could experience it the way we planned. The uplighting transformed our reception space to have the ambiance that we were looking for, also. There was softer, calm music during dinner, and party music all night. That's exactly what we were going for- a big celebration! I can not remember her name, but our hype girl was awesome too!! SSS was clearly a hit with the full dance floor and high energy. Everything we wanted to be played was played and it really made everything personal. If we could do it all over, I wouldn't change anything! 

Thank you so much!!!"

Jason & Teddy Richmond

22 August 2015 "Our wedding was everything we ever dreamed of. LeVar was wonderful to work with and everything turned out amazing. Couldn't have asked for a better DJ for our wedding day. I would highly recommend Split Second Sound for any event."

Nick & Christina Young

22 October 2016 "LeVar with SSS was the most amazing DJ! EVERYONE was dancing all night, which was exactly what we wanted. We had a wide range of guests (age, music taste) and he was able to keep the party going. Everyone said what a great time they had dancing the night away at our wedding!! Thank you Split Second Sound!"

Jeff & Georgia Stone

20 September 2014

"LeVar was amazing from the first meeting, getting to know us and really listening to what we wanted for our ceremony and reception. He nailed it. Everyone had a blast at the wedding, as evidenced by several people commenting they had never seen people stay on the dance floor for so long. LeVar and crew also setup 2 special requests, a secret piano song by the groom and another surprise from a groomsmen singing. It was the best night of our lives and we have Split Second Sound to thank for being a huge part of it."

Adam & Jenna Nygaard

13 August 2016 "When we first began wedding planning, we did not think that the DJ/Band would be very important to us. We thought we would go with a simple, cheap option. Upon much consideration and recommendations from family and friends, we reconsidered and contacted SSS. It was the best decision we made. LeVar was the man and made our wedding absolutely perfect. We got a little off track of our original timeline but LeVar adjusted smoothly and was very flexible. I have never seen so much dancing from all of our guests (college friends, older family members, kids, everybody). Many people came up to me during and after the wedding and said it was one of the most fun weddings they had ever been to and we owe a lot of that to Split Second Sound. Also, shout out to Julian who did an amazing job keeping the energy high. I wasn't sure what the role of the assistant was but Julian was on the dance floor organizing everybody and making sure people kept dancing. I don't know how he was able to keep his energy up for that long but he did and it didn't seem like he stopped all night! Split Second Sound was worth every penny and if I could rate them higher than 5 stars I would! You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work!"

Daniel & Grace Peek

9 October 2015

"Our wedding was exactly what we had hoped for in every way.  Working with LeVar and the team was exceptional from the introduction phase through the day of our event.  As you know, the music can make or break a wedding reception, and we were extremely pleased as were our guests, with the way LeVar managed the flow, crowd and music selection.  The level of personal attention and professionalism offered by Split Second Sound and LeVar, not only left an impression on us, but is the core competency that has built the Split Second Sound organization into what seems to be the most respected in the greater Charlotte market. Thank you for everything.  We will always refer business your way when the opportunity presents itself."

Bryan & Monica Biga

19 December 2015 "Wow! That's all I can say about this company. Extraordinary. My DJ was LeVar Gladden, definitely request him if he is available. LeVar knows music and he is just genuinely excited to do the receptions. He is very attentive to your needs. He walks around and makes sure every guest gets to request at least one song. He of course also lets them know if the song they choose is on your do not playlist which is great so people aren't just requesting bogus songs. He gets everyone involved. He will only play the music YOU like. So if your not feeling a song or if he thinks you will not feel a song he will come right up to you and be like, "is this ok?" Sometimes, people request songs that will kill the vibe so you can shut it down quickly and just say "no". I think it is important to have a good DJ. The DJ facilitates the reception. He does your intro, first dance, cake cutting etc. You want to make sure he has a good sound system, speaks well, and is upbeat. My advice when choosing a DJ, DO NOT CUT CORNERS!! There is a reason this is a five star rated company and they win all of these awards. I've been to too many weddings where the DJ was terrible. I am very lucky I chose them and I was able to have LeVar at my wedding. Out of all the companies I dealt with during the whole ordeal of having a wedding, this one exceeded my expectations like no other. Good luck everyone!! Congrats!!"

Eric & Erin Bean

2 May 2015 "Choosing Split Second Second as our DJ was one of the best decisions we made for our big day! Throughout the entire process, our DJ, Levar, was amazing. He chatted with us several times on the phone too iron out all the details (we live out of town). He offered great suggestions and kept the party going throughout the entire reception! My husband and I danced the entire time! As beloved Gamecock fans, my husband and I wanted a special exit to 2001: A Space Odyssey and Levar coordinated the entire thing! It was perfect. Even our wedding coordinator said that when her daughter gets married, she wants Split Second Sound and Levar to DJ at her wedding. I highly recommend Split Second Sound to any couple!"

Brandon & Mary-Katherine Langford

17 January 2015 "Let me start by saying that every decision you make while wedding planning is so important, and in my case (when you're your own wedding planner) the pressure is on you to hire the right people. With that said, the day I met with Vinny Esposito at Split Second Sound was the day I made one of the easiest decisions of the entire year of planning. He made me feel comfortable from start to finish by explaining everything to me in detail, answering questions before I even had to ask, and showing me options without pressuring me in any certain direction. His professionalism and personality put my mind at ease which is why I felt absolutely no need to keep looking. After my appointment I recieved an email with our contract and access to our personal VIP Lounge where I was able to submit all of the information and details needed to ensure a smooth reception. This was great not only for them, but for me too! Anytime I needed to update or make a change I could log in and submit my changes. Also, the staff is so friendly and so quick to respond to emails. I exchanged several emails with several employees and was so impressed with their kind and helpful responses. Now lets talk about LeVar and his team! LeVar was our DJ and let me just say I fully understand why he comes highly recommended by other brides! I spoke with him on the phone the week before and explained how I wanted the vibe and energy to transition after dinner and he nailed it. Our family and friends had the best time, and it was obvious my husband and I were having the time of our lives. He also made sure everything was timely, and kept me in tune with what was next. Little things matter, and he took care of every detail. All around wonderful experience from start to finish. Truly grateful for everyone at Split Second Sound for making our DJ experience special and being apart of what will always be our favorite day to remember."

Matthew & Sarah Anastasio

28 March 2015 "LeVar is the man! He is SO fabulous he kept the party going! He knew exactly how I wanted the night to go (he basically read my mind!) and played all of my favorite songs!! I got SO many compliments from everyone (from my friends to my mom!) and all ages seemed to be having a blast! He was able to keep the reception going so that we could do the things we had to do (cut the cake, toss bouquet etc.) without making anything seem like an interruption. Serious talent! I would recommend SSS to anyone and particularly I would recommend LeVar!!"

Matt & Carolyn Kreuger-Andes

6 June 2015 "DJ LeVar is incredibly knowledegable on all aspects of on the music industry. His passion for music, and vibrant personality made him a perfect match for us. LeVar was very flexible and responsive. He went out of his way to meet us after normal office hours to cater to our work schedules. The planning process was simple with LeVar's guidance. He ensured the music, sound system, and logistics were perfect for both our ceremony and reception. He helped create a beautiful ceremony for us, and turned the reception into an amazing party. We could not have asked for more. So many of our guests have told us he was the best DJ they've heard. So many people told us they couldn't stop dancing because of LeVar. Overall, Split Second Sound was a dream company to work with. Madison and Anthony were also great to work with on the few items not directly handled by LeVar. Our personalized gobo was perfect (handled by Anthony), and the uplighting helped transform the room. Dinner was elegant with amber lighting, and the rest of the reception was a party with light purple lighting."

Josh & Kristen Horn

15 May 2016

"I am so so so so so (ok that's probably enough) pleased with the split second family. They really encompass what a business should run like. Their customer service is top notch and their DJs are on another level. I had Levar as my DJ and I now see why he's one of their premier DJs. I received so many compliments from guest about Levar and his ability to keep them on the dance floor. Levar as well as the whole split second family was very responsive and really made me feel like they wanted to do the best job possible. I would definitely recommend Split Second Sound to anyone who has a need for a DJ. Trust me, you won't be disappointed."

Hasim & Tekethia Dawkins

29 May 2016 "We knew we wanted a DJ, and we wanted someone who would blend into the party and keep everyone dancing all night. We were also a little skeptical about not being able to meet our DJ before we committed to SSS. Nothing to worry about here!!! Before we had a DJ assigned, we were able to fill out a profile about ourselves, our guests, and our style for the big day which was more complete than other vendors we evaluated. Then was a longer questionnaire for all the details, but a LOT less demanding than others. When we were able to talk to LeVar, he was extremely responsive via email and then over the phone. Always on time for our scheduled conversations and very, very professional and upbeat. He made suggestions that were spot-on with our style and we immediately felt comfortable with him! The night of our wedding was perfect, he helped facilitate everything we needed and kept the party going until the lights went out! I would definitely recommend Split Second and especially LeVar to anyone!"

Mark & Abbie Rosenblum

18 June 2016

"Brad and I have been to MANY weddings and from these experiences, we know that the music can make or break the big day. It only took one meeting with Split Second Sound to know that we had our perfect DJ! We felt like "one of the family" and knew that Split Second would be part of the team in creating our dream evening. 

Throughout the planning process, Split Second Sound was great! The use of a virtual planning portal was excellent and allowed us to make changes just a few days out from wedding day. We were also able to add lighting to our ceremony and reception space through Split Second, which included a custom light monogram for the dance floor.

Brad and I were very impressed with the selection of DJs we had to choose from and were beyond excited to book LeVar! At our meetings for the wedding, LeVar put into plan our ideas and then took them to the next level. His timing with music during our ceremony was perfection and he led our guests into a fun filled night of dancing through his amazing personality and becoming the true Master of Ceremonies. LeVar had every single guest on the dance floor singing along to great music as we partied the night away! I have to say seeing my grandmother on the dance floor with Brad's fraternity brothers is just one highlight from the evening!

I can not say enough wonderful things about our DJ and am so thankful for the experience Split Second Sound provided for our guests! We are still hearing rave reviews from family and friends! Thank you to LeVar for making our wedding come to life!"

Brad & Sarah Graboyes

9 April 2016

"Our dance floor was NEVER empty and in fact, we needed a bigger dance floor thanks to Levar! He even rapped part of Welcome to Atlanta, our entrance song, at our request and our guests loved it! I would highly recommend Split Second Sound and their best DJ has to be Levar! Their pricing is reasonable, and they gave us discounts on lighting. The staff was responsive and helpful, and Levar met with us in advance to make sure he understood what details were important and what kind of music we love. He checked in with us at times throughout the night as well. I can't say enough good things!"

Matt & Brittney Connolly

13 August 2016 "I loved how SSS personalized the service and went to speak with all the guests about their music preferences. A lot of the guests were very excited to hear their song that they requested played. LeVar and Julian were awesome to have at the wedding. They are both high energy, kept the crowd dancing, and flexible to any schedule change. Leading up to the wedding, LeVar was super easy to work with and extremely professional. He was kind, polite, and always accommodated whatever we requested. We were so thankful to have LeVar and Split Second Sound DJ our wedding. They were so easy to work with and worth every penny! Would highly recommend them to anybody hosting an event in the Charlotte Metro area."

Daniel & Grace Peek

3 November 2018 "LeVar was our DJ for our wedding a few weeks ago, and all I have to say is - WOW. LeVar is not only a great DJ, but he's great to talk with. He was curious about my husband and I, not just as a couple, but as individuals. He wanted to know our likes and dislikes when it came to music, wedding traditions, our family dynamic, etc. Our wedding was a blast thanks to the awesome tunes he provided us. We did not stop dancing for nearly 2.5 hours! Highly recommend working with LeVar and SSS!"

Keith & Erin Arcuri

23 June 2018 "One word: LEVAR!!!!!!! I can honestly say that LeVar and Split Second Sound exceeded all of my expectations. The main thing that I wanted for my wedding reception was a packed dance floor - and that’s exactly what I got! I had a few specific requests, for example I wanted an Irish treble reel to be played at some point since I used to be a competitive Irish dancer, so that some of my dance friends and I could put on a little surprise show for my guests, and LeVar accommodated my requests and knew exactly when to play which songs. Our treble reel was a total hit! LeVar was extremely professional and knows how to keep the party going. He brings a very fun and vibrant energy that is infectious. He never had to play a slow song to get people on the dance floor because it was packed all night long! My husband and I had the time of our lives and I can attest that one of the main reasons for that is because of LeVar. He is also an amazing rapper and even came out on the dance floor and did a rap for us! It was awesome and everyone loved it! Basically, LeVar is a top notch DJ and it really doesn’t get any better. What and EPIC NIGHT!"

Jack & Katie McElravey

21 October 2017 "I don't have enough good things to say about Split Second Sound! From our DJ Levar and his hype man, to Rachel and Sara who were our "day of" concierge girls, the services they all provided were top notch. Though their prices are higher than other companies, the treatment and skill levels you receive are well worth it! Both Levar and Rachel, met with me before the wedding, at a time and location that was convenient for me, and continually stayed in touch up until the wedding (even the night before when i switched everything on them last minute). Levar had the dance floor packed the entire time, even with all the requested songs, and knew how to keep the wedding activities flowing smoothly. Rachel and Sara made sure that I didnt have to do ANYTHING the day of, literally nothing, she did/got everything for me at the reception. The biggest perk was setting up the reception and cleaning/packing up so that my mom and dad didnt have to do anything at the end of the night. I would HIGHLY recommend spending the money for their services the day of, waaay worth the money! Thanks Split Second Sound for training your staff so well and big thanks to Levar, Sara and Rachel!"

Shaun & Arielle Phillips

29 July 2017 "DJ LeVar was AWESOME! My husband and I have always said we wanted a band for our wedding, but after searching for hours and listening to several local bands and not finding one that we truly loved, we started to research DJs, and we are SO happy we found Split Second Sound and LeVar! We met with Sarah (Brand & Event Manager) in the office, and she was awesome! She was so nice and so much fun, and after meeting with her, we knew we didn’t have to look anywhere else. We ended up going all out and booking LeVar for our July 29th wedding, and we now know why he is one of the elite DJs and one of the most requested DJs out there! He read the crowd and kept the party going, and there isn’t one song he played that we didn’t like. He even played one last song after the planned last one because all of our friends were cheering “encore!” 

Danius was the assistant, who definitely did his job as the party motivator! He was so nice, talked to everyone, and got everyone dancing. He even got our grandma up and dancing, and she was loving it! So many of our guests commented on how great LeVar and Danius were. 

Great music and a huge dance party was the one thing we wanted most at our wedding, and we definitely got everything we wanted and more with LeVar, Danius, and Split Second Sound! They played a huge part in making our wedding so perfect and memorable!

Jake & Elizabeth Brewer

5 August 2017 "We hired Split Second Sound & requested DJ LeVar for our wedding at the Foundations For The Carolinas in August 2017 and are SO happy we did. We didn't want the typical wedding DJ, we wanted someone who could mix our favorite hip hop throwbacks with contemporary music in a way that would keep all of our guests out on the dance floor the entire night. We wanted to party! From the first meeting, LeVar was able to quickly pick up on the mood we wanted to set, and it felt like he knew us all along. We could not have dreamed of a more personable, attentive or talented person to be responsible for one of the most important aspects of our wedding reception. Once we booked, Split Second gave us a website that we could work off of throughout the year to collect our favorite songs and have one central place to keep our thoughts in order for the wedding — this was so helpful as it's easy to forget older songs. During the wedding, LeVar and his sidekick Andre mixed SO many different styles and genres of music, even some of the obligatory parent requests in a seamless way that kept the party going. If you want your wedding to be a non-stop party, then you should hire Split Second Sound, DJ LeVar and Andre today!"

Alex & Dayna Carter

22 July 2017 "I cannot say enough positive things about LeVar! Planning a wedding from a distance added stress to the whole wedding planning process without a doubt, but working with LeVar was an absolute pleasure. Our main want for our wedding was just for everyone to have fun. There was not one moment throughout the entire evening when the dance floor wasn't full of people laughing, dancing and having a great time. More importantly though, LeVar 100% listened to our wants and needs when it came to what music we wanted to play (i.e. favorite songs, no-play list, favorite genres, etc.), which I know doesn't always happen. Danius, who was out on the dance floor talking with people, was super personable and did an AMAZING job. The dance floor is the heart of the reception, and LeVar and Danius could not have done any better in our minds!"

Matt & Anna Williams

2 June 2017 "Levar and Julian were hands down the BEST!!! Professional, fun, personable and full of great energy! Our family and friends are still raving about how great the music was at the wedding, and how much fun they had dancing and singing. Without Levar as the MC/DJ and Julian to keep the dance floor packed, our wedding would not have been as fun. Thank you SSS for your professionalism and superior service, and thank you to Levar and Julian for a fantastic time, from ceremony to reception!"

Michael & Christa Reid

3 June 2017 "LOOK NO FURTHER! Split Second Sound is the best!! They were pleasant and professional throughout my wedding planning experience. I hired LeVar as my DJ and he was AMAZING!! I couldn't have asked for a better reception, the dance floor was popping!! Whenever I was asked from another vendor who I chose as my DJ and I said Split Second Sound, their reply was the same.. "Oh awesome, they're the best." :) They know how to party!"

Jonathan & Beth Rindner

11 February 2017 "On February 11, 2017 my father celebrated his 70th birthday at the Oasis Shriners HQ with a party of about 200 guests. After months of stressful planning, I found LeVar Gladden to be a breath of fresh air. He knew what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. He has a calming spirit, a great sense of humor, and is very professional and on-point. I received many positive comments about LeVar and his ability to MC, DJ, and keep the party going. LeVar is truly AWESOME!! I must also commend Daziah Owens (DJ Assistant). She is such a sweetheart! Daziah stayed on the dance floor leading, motivating, and keeping everyone moving to the beat. Everyone really had a GREAT time and the celebration was a success because of LeVar Gladden and Daziah Owens. I can't wait until my next event so that I can utilize their services again! Thanks again for the wonderful memories."

Brenda Allison

1 April 2017 "We absolutely loved working with Split Second Sound. Levar was so amazing! He is fun, energetic, and easy-going. He has an amazing ability to read the crowd and adjust the music to get everyone partying! We told him what type of vibe we were looking for, we didn't even have to give him a playlist - and he made our wedding unforgettable! We really loved working with Levar and SSS!"

Doug & Karis Roper

3 December 2016 "We requested LeVar with SSS. He is amazing. After meeting with him, we knew everything would be perfect. He knows exactly what to do and when to do it. There was not one issue with music all night. He has a great personality and knows how to read the crowd."

The Knot Review

18 September 2016 I used split second sound for DJ services they were great they were set up in timely manner they played excellent music everything I asked for they came through loved them very professional very satisfied

Andrea & Brian Barnes

11 May 2018 "Using Split Second Sound was without a doubt one of the best decisions we made planning our wedding. Levar and Matt P had the energy lifted the entire night! They interacted with the crowd so incredibly well and perfectly selected songs in line with the style we wanted to portray at the reception. Never did I expect to hear cheers across the venue during the cocktail hour while my wife and I were taking our wedding portraits. I also appreciated the open communication and the in-person planning session with Levar and our wedding planner to plan out in detail what our desire and interests were for the reception. Not only should you go with Split Second Sound, but you need Levar to be your MC. So thankful for this group, Levar, and Matt P for creating an incredible atmosphere for us."

McGregor & Catherine Ingland

21 April 2018 "Only amazing things to say about SSS and LeVar!!! LeVar was great at communicating before the wedding. He was also very enthusiastic and energetic. You can tell by speaking to him that he has a passion for his career and is very experienced in weddings. LeVar’s amount of experience surfaced when my typically outgoing friend who caught the bouquet got shy and uncomfortable while having the garter placed on her by my cousin who caught it. LeVar was able to smoothly direct my friend’s boyfriend to step in and replace my cousin, and it turned out to be a really cute ending to what was an awkward beginning. LeVar’s skills showed when he snuck in very non-traditional wedding music demanded by my groom and his friends, and the crowd loved it! LeVar’s music has a good flow and you could tell he got the vibe of the crowd because no one stopped dancing til the end of our reception!"

Dennis & Bianca Rooney

1 May 2018 "Levar was our DJ for our May 2018 wedding and we couldn’t be happier!! From the start to end split second sound worked with us making sure we had all we needed! Everyone in the office always answered my emails so promptly and when it came time to work directly with Levar we were even more blown away! He made sure to get the vibe we were looking for and all of our guests had a blast!! Thank you all for everything our day was perfect thanks to you!!"

Dustin & Melissa Haidinger

3 November 2017 "I can't say enough about Split Second Sound. LeVar was our DJ and he knocked it out of the park! Exceeded my expectations in so many ways. He read the crowd and knew exactly what to play throughout the night. We got tons of compliments on the DJ. Trust me, it's the best money you will spend on your wedding."

Madison Menzies

13 May 2017 "Awesome!! Levar did a wonderful job and so did his companion in getting our party going! It was well thought out and we had a wonderful experience dealing with them and working with our schedules. There was not a moment when someone was not on the dance floor!!! Thank you for giving our guests a wonderful time!"

Alex & Sarah Kingsley

8 April 2017

"5 STAR MC/DJ/Entertainers! Split Second Sound made it so easy to plan my wedding reception entertainment from long distance, through phone and their online system! They also offer a variety of packages that help their clients choose options within their price range/budget. LeVar, Lead MC/DJ, and Andre, Party Motivator (aka "Hype Man"), were AWESOME and perfectly executed the vision and vibes we wanted for our celebration! I now couldn't imagine our night without them!"

Christopher & Danielle Burcham

1 June 2019 "We met Levar at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Bridal Showcase. From that day forward we knew we wanted him to DJ our wedding. Levar absolutely lived up to the hype and played a key piece in making our day perfect. We would recommend the Split Second team, especially Levar to anyone!"

Brandon & Christy Smith

11 August 2018 "DJ LeVar and Matt P brought their A game all night long. They simply blew us away. The slow progression from Earth, Wind, and Fire to modern rap/rock/pop had even grandma dancing. Thanks again for providing a great atmosphere."

Will & Samantha Little

25 August 2018 "LeVar and Ernesto were awesome!! They helped ensure that everything from the ceremony, to cocktail hour to dinner and dancing flowed flawlessly! The night was exactly what we wanted and discussed when we met with LeVar, and they even implemented a song from the father of the bride’s speech! They played a great variety of music and had the dance floor packed all night long!"

Zeb & Brooke Jenkins

16 June 2018 "My husband and I cannot stop talking about how INCREDIBLE LeVar and the Split Second Sound team was at our wedding. We both had somewhat complicated requests (one for our wedding party intro and the other for the father daughter dance), but LeVar took them both and ran with them. He did such a fantastic job! We also had quite a few eclectic music requests and somehow, some way, LeVar kept the dance floor packed the whole night. I'm still in awe. I would highly recommend one thousand times over."

Andrew & Christine Carter

8 March 2015 "LeVar was our Entertainment host for our wedding- He was amazing!!! As far as our guests, we had a diverse age group. LeVar hit the music out of the ballpark with the perfect mix to keep all of our guests dancing all evening. During dinner, he personally went around to each table to take requests. He was friendly and upbeat and kept the night on track-guest intros, first dances, speeches, and our exit."


31 January 2015 "LeVar was our Entertainment host for our wedding- He was amazing!!! As far as our guests, we had a diverse age group. LeVar hit the music out of the ballpark with the perfect mix to keep all of our guests dancing all evening. During dinner, he personally went around to each table to take requests. He was friendly and upbeat and kept the night on track-guest intros, first dances, speeches, and our exit."

Greg & Lindsey Wallace

28 September 2013
"We loved everything! LeVar was great! We had so many compliments about the music, even the music being played during dinner. LeVar jumped in when I forgot the Wobble to get us all on track. I felt that he was not just our DJ but our friend. He did everything we asked for and more! I couldn't have imagined having anyone else. The uplights were also the perfect touch!"

Benjamin & Karla Brown

4 July 2016

"Levar is the best, always professional, courteous, and reads our crowd. Great event!"

Brett Curley

4 April 2015 "When looking for a DJ for my reception, I wanted someone who could not only play music, but could get the crowd involved and get the party started. We contracted SSS and requested LeVar as our DJ. We couldn't have made a better choice! He kept in constant contact with us and met personally a few weeks out to run through the timeline of our whole day from start to finish. This is a great company and I would highly recommend them, and LeVar, to anyone."

Shawn & Gretchen Monroe

27 September 2015 "Levar rocked our wedding night. He was very professional, funny, and on task! We are so glad we chose Split Second Sound AND Levar to DJ our wedding! One night we will both never forget. He did an awesome job keeping everyone on the dance floor!"

Tyler & Chelsea Corriher

1 September 2013 "Levar and Michael were fantastic!  Everything went perfectly. The dance floor was packed all night, and our guests had a fabulous time! Levar was really able to get the celebration started and keep it going the whole night! In fact, when he invited everyone on to the dance floor all but about 3 of my guests got up and started dancing! I had never seen that many people dancing at a wedding! He also was great at reading the crowd and even managed to work in my parents unusual song requests in a way that didn't clear the dance floor. I really can't say enough great things about him! 
Split Second Sound in general was also very responsive, organized, and easy to work with. It's a very well-run business, and I would highly recommend them."

Zachary & Kathryn Higbee

15 May 2010 "I just wanted to thank Levar for DJing my wedding on May 15th.  Everyone said it was the best wedding reception they have ever been to and I know people did not want the party to end.  You definitely did a fabulous job of making everything flow smoothly.  I really cannot thank you enough and I will recommend you to everyone I know getting married soon!"

Mahailey Davis Nettles

18 October 2013 "My daughter planned her wedding in 7 weeks. We had met Vinny from Split Second Sound at a Bridal Fair almost a year prior. In planning with such short notice we never thought they would be available. The wedding planner we used, Carolina Wedding Design, was thrilled to tell us that she could get them. LeVar was the perfect DJ. He played exactly what the kids were looking for and the dance floor was never empty unless it was dinnertime."

Carol Cammisa - Father of the Bride

8 February 2014

"We had a fantastic experience with LeVar!  He helped us raise the bar on the Heart Association event!  LeVar was prompt, knowledgeable, flexible and just a flat out great DJ!  The Charlotte Heartball had never had a party like that before!  We look forward to partnering with LeVar and your team again next year!"

Ryan Traylor

21 June 2014

"I had an amazing time and I couldn't have asked for better DJ's. Everyone that I've spoken to about the wedding thought the dancing and music was awesome. My favorite part of my wedding was honestly dancing. Levar and his assistant kept it going all night and there was not one moment that the dance floor wasn't crowded. It was honestly the best and they did a fantastic job. Thank you and thank Levar and his assistant for me. The night was perfect!"

Nick & Haylee McCullen

1 November 2014

"A thousand thanks for your part.  I’m sure you hear it often – but you rocked it!  Unless I’m mistaken – that’s the whole point with the DJ.  We could not have been more pleased with your, ah, services.

Sarah’s younger sister, MOH and only 17 came out of it all with this (no current prospect on the horizon yet, thankfully).    “When I get married – I want it be at Adaumont…and I definitely want Levar as DJ.

No doubt we’ll be in touch in a few years."

Paul & Sarah Sheldon

10 January 2015

"Good Morning,

Levar DJed my wedding yesterday, and I just wanted to write in and say how wonderful of a job he did. He listed to exactly what we wanted to play, and the flow of the reception went perfectly with much thanks to him. He was fun and kept the party going, and it was great that he dressed up handsomely as well! He was polite and many of our guests said how awesome of a DJ he was they really enjoyed it. I would recommend him for sure.

Diandra and Nick Coleman"

Diandra & Nick Coleman

27 December 2014

"We recently hosted a 70s themed party (to celebrate us both turning 70!) at the South Park Marriott.  LeVar Gladden was the DJ for the event and he was amazing!  He is very personable and professional and really made the evening. He had a lot of good ideas and kept the party going.  People were singing and dancing to songs from the 70s who hadn't done so in years!

LeVar is definitely a wonderful asset to your company.  No wonder he is one of the most requested DJs!  

Thank you for assigning him to our party.  We feel very fortunate that he was our DJ.  He was the perfect person for us and we would highly recommend him to anyone else who is hosting an event.

Thank you, Barbara and Sam Hull"

Barbara Hull

30 January 2016

"Thank you for the follow up.  LeVar was amazing, as always!  It was a great event & we always enjoy working with him!  He was timely, professional, had planned well & was a lot of fun.  Once we get our 2017 date we will be back to set things up with you all again.


Yes, we would be more than happy to serve as a referral anytime."

Elizabeth Lindsey

14 February 2015 "Levar, Thank you so much for making our night soooooo amazing! We had a blast and our wedding was better than we ever imagined. We hope everything went wellon your end and we wish you all the best in your marriage. Joe and Ashley"

Joe & Ashley Walsh

3 January 2015

"I just wanted to write and tell you how AWESOME you were at our wedding reception! (January 3 @ Rock Hill Country Club) Everyone just had a BLAST and you are the man that made it happen!

Not only did you give me the exact experience I always wanted for my wedding reception, but you were so kind and generous the whole time we planned! You were always willing to communicate with me and were always so kind and easy to talk to!

You are very talented and I hope to see you around sometime again!

Good luck with your wedding and dance lessons!

SO happy to have had YOU as our wedding DJ!"

Creighton & Meghan Hayes

24 January 2015

"Thank you so much for joining us this past Saturday evening!!  You were absolutely fantastic!!!  Would love to have YOU back with us next year!  You a great communicator, an absolute pleasure to work with, fabulous with the crowd & our team.  It was a perfect fit.  You have a gift & we loved your work!!  I hope that you will up for coming back next January to do this again with us!"

Elizabeth Lindsey

6 February 2016

"We were very pleased with Levar! He was a professional and accommodating DJ. Everyone had a fabulous time. We would highly recommend Split Second Sound!

Thanks for making my husband's surprise party a fun and memorable experience!"

Carrie Hilton

31 January 2015 "LeVar was our Entertainment host for our wedding- He was amazing!!! As far as our guests, we had a diverse age group. LeVar hit the music out of the ballpark with the perfect mix to keep all of our guests dancing all evening. During dinner, he personally went around to each table to take requests. He was friendly and upbeat and kept the night on track-guest intros, first dances, speeches, and our exit."

Greg & Lindsay Wallace

27 August 2016

"Just wanted to thank you again for being at our wedding! It was literally perfect and Meredith and I had an incredible time! Our guests loved the dancing and people were on the dancefloor all night! We appreciate your professionalism and just seeing y'all enjoying what you do!


All the best,


Matt & Meredith Albee

1 December 2018 "Levar and team were absolutely incredible! They provided awesome entertainment and the dance floor was covered from start to finish at our welcome reception. If you want a great time and party Split Second Sound is the way to go!!"

Andrew & Erica Robison

18 August 2018 "Split Second Sound dj’d my wedding reception at the Duke Mansion in August and they were fabulous! LeVar and Margaret kept the party going all night! They were extremely professional and friendly and everyone loved them. Duke Mansion recommended them, so I knew that I was getting the best!"

Daniel & Leslie Prokopy

28 July 2018 "My husband and I loved our DJ. We had Levar. The whole process with Split Second Sound was very stress free and easy. Music was one of the most important parts for us and we couldn’t have been happier with our decision. All of our guests loved the music and loved how interactive they were with everyone."

Clay & Jamie Kemerer

30 June 2018 "We could not have asked for a more wonderful DJ! LeVar played all of our songs we really wanted and then had a great feel of the room for the rest! Before the ceremony he was willing to take meetings or calls, which gave us loads of confidence leading up to the big day. We cannot rave enough about our experience!"

Matthews & Iris Laws

20 May 2017 "Great vendor! Levar had us all dancing all night long except for the part of the speeches. They listened to all our music choices and there was not one song I didn't like. It was awesome and we partied it up all night!

Brad & Maria Seelhorst

29 October 2016 "Our wedding was a great success! I remember my first initial meeting with LeVar and I immediately wrote a check to reserve him immediately! He was very understanding of our timelines and made sure it was on point the entire night. The crowd NEVER stopped dancing. Everyone had a lot of fun. I had a lot of texts the following morning from guests who told me they enjoyed the wedding so much. LeVar was by far one of the most professional individuals I had the pleasure to work with. He reassured me that everything would go smoothly and INDEED it did. He went above and beyond his job to make sure everything went smoothly. I definitely recommend him!"

-Lana Hoang, The Knot Review

Duy & Lana Nguyen

17 September 2011 "We just wanted to send a little shout to thank you for making our night so amazing. You worked out the bridal party entrance so great. We appreciate you working with us. Then whole night was such an an absolute blast. All the music selections were perfect. Everyone was commenting about how much fun it was dancing. You had people on the dance floor I never would’ve thought would be out there. So thank you so very much. We truly appreciate it. It meant so much to us!"

Eric & Mandy Ziegler

2 September 2012 "I can truly say that LeVar and Bradley rocked it out on Sunday! We had people dancing and grooving all throughout the event!  When we had to pause them to make announcements, guests were begging for more music. Both LeVar and Bradley were great to work with!! LeVar completely listened to my requests when we met at Discovery Place last Thursday and provided exactly what we wanted for the event.  They also showed up early and ready to go…alleviating any worries we had about traffic, etc. I told LeVar that Split Second Sound was definitely the Save the Day Vendor for this event!!  I wish we had just started with you in the first place, but the drama made it just a little more fun!  This is not the first time I have worked with Split Second Sound, nor will it be the last!!  Also noted was all your responsiveness in getting me all the paperwork I requested so quickly.  A great indication of a truly professional organization!"

Annie Lewis

7 February 2015

"Great job!  Your guys were super professional and responsive.  You took great care to make sure our corporate event was a success.  Thanks!"

Bradley Little

27 June 2015 "DJ LeVar is incredibly knowledegable on all aspects of on the music industry. His passion for music, and vibrant personality made him a perfect match for us. LeVar was very flexible and responsive. He went out of his way to meet us after normal office hours to cater to our work schedules. The planning process was simple with LeVar's guidance. He ensured the music, sound system, and logistics were perfect for both our ceremony and reception. He helped create a beautiful ceremony for us, and turned the reception into an amazing party. We could not have asked for more. So many of our guests have told us he was the best DJ they've heard. So many people told us they couldn't stop dancing because of LeVar. Overall, Split Second Sound was a dream company to work with. Madison and Anthony were also great to work with on the few items not directly handled by LeVar. Our personalized gobo was perfect (handled by Anthony), and the uplighting helped transform the room. Dinner was elegant with amber lighting, and the rest of the reception was a party with light purple lighting."


27 July 2013 "Split Second Sound came highly recommended to us by our planner. You did not disappoint! Because Chigozie and I were long distance until the day before our wedding, the planning process often felt particularly taxing. That said, we were very pleased with how LeVar and his assistant Lydia were able to able to meet our needs with minimal guidance (even at the eleventh hour... :).  They completely met and exceeded our expectations! Thank you!"

Chigozie & Danielle Funny

1 June 2013

"Kelly & I couldn't be happier with the whole process from beginning to our "new" beginning. Levar and SSS took control and put together a magical night for us and our guests. The thoughtfulness that goes into your planning and efforts really came through during the reception. You can 100% use us as references for other couples as we stand behind your product unequivocally. 

Thank you for help making our day exactly how we envisioned it. True class." 

Jason & Kelly Boyle

3 October 2009 "Lawrence and I returned from our honeymoon last night, and we're still talking about how great our wedding reception was.  We have received so many compliments regarding the night, but especially with respect to the entertainment.  You guys did such a great job accommodating our guests and their requests - we have heard nothing but praise!  Thank you again for helping to make our reception such a memorable one - it was an amazing night and we are so glad you were a part of it.  Choosing Split Second Sound was definitely one of the best decisions we made regarding our wedding!"

Carrie Winters

17 July 2010 "Levar and Neil were excellent!  We spoke prior to the wedding giving them a general idea of the type of music we like and a few songs we wanted to play, and with that little bit of info, they totally captured what we were envisioning for our reception. Not only did we enjoy the musical selection, but I know our guests did as well as our dance floor was always full!!  In addition to song selection, they made the evening really easy for us by easily leading us through the scheduled portions of the reception. Lastly, and most importantly, they were professional, friendly, and fun!!"

Jessica Crockett

2 October 2010 "Levar was excellent. He made our wedding great. He was interactive and kept the crowd dancing. We had several guests (including the Mother and Father of the Groom) who enjoy Shag Dancing and requested several Shag songs which Levar was happy to play. He knew exactly the right music to play for the crowd and made sure everyone enjoyed the wedding. We could not have asked for a better performance."

Carol Schneider

8 November 2013

"We were lucky to be assigned LeVar as our DJ.  He was absolutely amazing!  LeVar totally understood his audience and was prepared with songs and dances.  He was energetic and literally ran the entire party himself.  The hosting parents were able to sit back, relax, take pictures, and enjoy the event.  I asked the other parents who hosted the party with me for feedback, and there is not a single thing we would change regarding our DJ choice.  The kids really enjoyed the party, and we were all extremely pleased with how smoothly everything went."

Wendy Hume

22 April 2016

"Thanks so much!  The students, as well as the teachers had a great time at prom.  Levar is the best DJ.  Again, thank you for everything."

Carol Rachels

3 March 2012 "Great DJ's, great pricing, great customer service!  We went with SSS after meeting LaVar at a wedding showcase- he was so friendly and enthuastic and made us feel like SSS could provide us with the keep the guests dancing' reception like we wanted....and we were right. 

ALL of our guests had a great time all evening until we had to leave!"

-Marissa H.

Marissa H

3 April 2010 We truly enjoyed having Split Second Sound assist us at Isaiah and Nicole's wedding reception. Levar and did an awesome job performing at our daughter's wedding reception. He made sure he communicated with us prior to the wedding date.  They handle themselves very professional at the reception.  Our guests at the reception had a wonderful time.

Sylvester & Christal Chisolm

Levar mixing on TV show.jpg
17 May 2008 "I must say this was the best experience I have ever had!!!! I would like to request you again for next year. Thanks again!"

Buford High School

29 August 2009 "Thank you so much for providing an amazing DJ.  From the beginning, Levar set the stage for an awesome party and kept the energy high the whole night.  We received many compliments for the team's professionalism and on-point song selections.  He stayed true to our playlist and used our guest's ideas to create an unforgettable night!  Thanks again!!!"

Jayson Parker

31 December 2013 "LeVar was a big hit everyone enjoyed him. He did a fabulous job. I will certainly recommend him. Thanks again!"

John & Liliana Burdette

9 June 2012 "Split Second Sound helped us have one amazing reception! LeVar helped us plan out our reception evening about 2 weeks prior to event- it made us want to have our reception that night- he had us so pumped up to get our reception started! We booked them about 8 months in advance & could contact SSS at any time with prompt response. Amazing, amazing!"

William & Amber Reynolds

2 June 2012

"We were referred to Split Second Sound by our wedding planner, Erica Stawick of Sweet November Events.  It is the only DJ company that she recommended & she was adamant we use them.  After meeting with Vinny I did not need any further convincing!  I know that we would have been happy with any of their entertainers but Erica had worked with Levar on a previous wedding & knew he would be perfect for our wedding.  Levar took the time to meet with us before the wedding & get a feel for the type of music & vibe we wanted for our wedding.  He listened to all of our requests & played everything we asked for, edited our 'wedding song' to make a shorter version for our dance & added a few of his own ideas that were awesome!  My husband, who is not easy to please when it comes to music, is a huge Pearl Jam fan.  Levar even managed to fit them in early in the night.  This did not go unnoticed!  We had a very small wedding but he was able to keep our guests dancing all night & played a great mix of everything, including requests!  Our guests have not stopped talking about what an amazing job he did!  We were extremely pleased with his professionalism & ability to keep the party going!  We would definitely recommend him to anyone!"

Jeff & April Bunker

14 April 2012 "Split Second Sound sent two DJs to our reception. That allowed one to mingle and get a feel for the crowd while the other kept the music going. We had Levar as our primary DJ. He had a great feel for our crowd. Our guests ranged in age from infants to 80+ years old. He picked a great variety of music and played something for everyone. He even took requests. Split Second Sound is a great company to work with. They're very professional and easy to work with. They have years of experience and expect nothing but the best of their DJs. I certainly feel that we got the best. At the end of the night when our wedding guests were literally yelling for more, I think our guests agreed that Split Second Sound made the party."

Brian & Valerie Fidazzo

24 March 2012

"We had an awesome experience with Levar and Split Second Sound. Michelle, you have been extremely helpful and responsive since our first contact with you. Levar was wonderful to work with.  He took the time to come to our house before the wedding to get to know us and what we were looking for.  He was a true professional, he has great passion for his job and it shows.  The dance floor was full the whole night and it was because of Levar and his partner.  We are truly grateful!"

John & Christine Weiss

9 July 2011 "Hi Michelle, you have been AMAZING throughout this process. You helped me get to and through our wedding day without really worrying about anything music-related. Working with SSS has left us completely satisfied; you provided us with great uplights that lit up the room at a good price, you gave us a SUPERB set of DJs and your online forms made it easy to share and even update our preferences with you. Keith and I would recommend you and the entire SSS staff in a second. Now, let me tell you about LeVar. :) He was awesome. Before the wedding he connected with Keith and me to discuss the flow of the night. He must have heard everything we said! At the reception, after Keith and I had our grand entrance to Black Republican by Jay-Z and Naz (one of our favorites!) we heard so many other favorite songs of ours. When we started to walk around the room to greet guests, Keith's dad mentioned that he had heard so many of his favorite songs from the 70s. We noticed that as soon as dinner was finished most of our friends were up dancing for the rest of the night. By the end of the reception much of my family mentioned that they heard so many of their favorite west indian hits. Some say, you can't please all the people all the time--but these two djs did! I am so thankful for LeVar, Jordan M and all of the SSS staff. The music was one thing that all of our guests just could not stop talking about."

Keith & Syrena Burnam

17 December 2011

"Split Second Sound was absolutely amazing. My DJ's, Joey and Levar, were amazing. They made my wedding reception flow perfectly and I couldn't have asked for better DJ's. My wedding was no alcohol and they still got people on the dance floor! Any questions I had were responded to same day via email. They have many different package options for every budget. They made sure to call the week before the wedding and do a step by step walk through with me so I knew exactly what was going to happen. I didn't have to worry about anything on the wedding day and it was perfect!"


Myles & Ashley Eckel

8 October 2011 "LeVar was fantastic. He was both professional and great fun -- he kept the dancefloor packed all night, managed the flow of the evening beautifully and overall just made the whole night a great party. When we spoke a week before the wedding, it was clear that he totally got the vibe we were going for, and he executed everything we asked without so much as a minor hiccup!"

Barry & Amy Dunham

24 September 2011

"John and I appreciate everything that you did for us.  You were absolutely the bomb and all of our guests and family members enjoyed you and said that you were very personable with them and that you felt like you were a part of our family.  I am tickled with the way that everything turned out.  I was told over and over again how wonderful the music was and how everything flowed.  If we ever throw another huge event, we definitely will hire you to do our music!  You were such a gem and made our wedding day even more special."

John & Audrey Cooper

28 August 2011 "The Split Second Sound team of Levar and Jonah did an amazing job at our wedding. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the entire night. Levar and Jonah did a great job running the reception portion of our wedding and played some great music. We heard nothing but great things from our guests and would absolutely recommend Split Second to anyone!"

Scott & Jaci Peterson

5 August 2011 "Hi, I was fortunate enough to have you all DJ at our wedding on Aug 5, 2011.  Our DJ was LeVar. I just want to say that he did an amazing job.  I was so pleased with everything from the lighting, music choices, & high energy without the "cheese".  He kept people on the dance floor all night and we received alot of positive feedback from our guests on how much fun they had & how good the music was.  So big thanks to Split Second Sound & thanks to LeVar for being available to talk with us & help brainstorm different ideas!"

Brian & Talisha Middleton

21 May 2011 "Dan and I were very pleased with Levar and Sam as our DJs for our wedding reception. We asked many of our guests and they all thought the DJs were great!!! Some of the guests said they like how friendly Levar was and liked how he came around to each table introducing himself and that they could request songs. The flow of the reception went really well and it was nice to know that Dan or I didn't need to worry about what to do next because Levar had it under control. We will definitely recommend Split Second Sound to anyone."

Dan & Shauna Martinie

3 July 2011 "Levar rocked the house at our wedding!!! The dance floor was packed all night. He really listened to our wishes in terms of what to play and what not to play. I would absolutely recommend him to all my friends! Thanks again Levar!"

Benjamin & Brittanie Derrick

1 January 2011

"I wanted to take this opportunity to express how pleased I was with Levar!  He was the DJ for our party and he did a fabulous job from first contact, follow up and his professionalism on the day of our event.  He kept the party rockin' and he was great at reading the crowd.  He provided exactly what I asked for and exactly what he promised and not only that every commented on what a nice guy he was.  We loved Levar!   I would not hesitate to recommend him or to use him in the future. Thanks Levar for making our event a success!"

Sherry Wiggins

5 June 2010 "LeVar did a great job!  He was very professional, very well spoken and things ran very smoothly at our reception.  The music was great and he kept people on the dance floor.  He was also very easy to work with and had a very outgoing personality.  He gave us good advice and was always available if we had questions or concerns.  Jonathan and I liked him a lot and would definitely recommend him to friends in the future.  We were very impressed with him and the company as a whole."

Christian McCall

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Jonny - MC DJ Elite Piscitelli
3 May 2014
"We used Split Second Sound for our wedding on May 3rd and they were FANTASTIC to work with! We had Jonny Piscitelli...

Jason & Leslie Allen

Jonny - MC DJ Elite Piscitelli
17 Sep 2016
"When we started planning for our wedding reception, we knew that good music was a key component to having the fun family...

Jim & Kristen Hackl

Joey - MC DJ Elite Verde
17 Apr 2010
"Joey did a great job! Easy to work with, very professional, stuck religiously to everything we asked, was a problem solver...

Kevin & Jenna Thomas

Joey - MC DJ Elite Verde
9 Oct 2010
"When it comes to top notch DJ services, Joey sets the standard. When it comes to an amazing personality and the ability to...

Jason Clough

Joey - MC DJ Elite Verde
9 Oct 2010
"The music was flawless. You are a consummate professional and a great all-around guy. Thank you for making our special...

Jason Clough

Joey - MC DJ Elite Verde
7 May 2011
"I can not say enough about these guys. Split Second came from a co-worker recommendation and visiting at a bridal...

Chuck & Mistee Formica

Joey - MC DJ Elite Verde
17 Dec 2011
"Split Second Sound was absolutely amazing. My DJ's, Joey and Levar, were amazing. They made my wedding reception flow perfectly and...

Myles & Ashley Eckel

Joey - MC DJ Elite Verde
23 Jun 2012
"Joey -- I knew from the first meeting you were the perfect DJ for our wedding. You and Split Second...

Jacqueline Chambers

Joey - MC DJ Elite Verde
2 Nov 2013
"Everything was wonderful!!  The kids had a wonderful time and everything went smoothly. I could not say enough good thing about all...

Trey & Whitney Kenemer

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
25 Mar 2017
"Split Second Sound, and particularly our DJ's Jonah & Julian, were wonderful! They made the day- of effortless for me...

Jacob & Jennifer Delaney

Joey - MC DJ Elite Verde
25 May 2013
"Thank you to Joey and SSS for a great reception!  You helped make the night flow so smoothly and the guests...

Colby & Emily Johnson

Joey - MC DJ Elite Verde
1 Dec 2012
"Joey and Kyle were fabulous!! If we do this party next year we definitely want them. Even though I told them...

Renee Cheeseman

Joey - MC DJ Elite Verde
28 Sep 2013
"I just wanted to thank you for everything for our daughter's wedding on Saturday night. Joey was fabulous and the...

Tom & Sandy Tesoriero

Charlie - MC DJ VJ Elite Esparza
14 Sep 2013
"Living in the NJ/NY area and planning a destination wedding in North Carolina, I was on a mission to find...

Carson & Lauren Sorsby

LeVar - MC DJ Owner's Pick Gladden
9 Jul 2011
"Hi Michelle, you have been AMAZING throughout this process. You helped me get to and through our wedding day without...

Keith & Syrena Burnam

LeVar - MC DJ Owner's Pick Gladden
2 Sep 2012
"I can truly say that LeVar and Bradley rocked it out on Sunday! We had people dancing and grooving all...

Annie Lewis

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
19 Mar 2016
We couldn't have been happier with you [Split Second Sounds]! You made the reception so much fun and we really appreciate all...

Damien & Meredith Monaghan

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
15 Apr 2016
From the first time we were at a party with Split Second Sound we knew we wanted this company to...

Quinton & Victoria King

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
1 May 2016
I loved split second sound! Jonah was our DJ and we are still getting compliments on how great the music was....

Logan & Emily Yeomans

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
27 May 2016
If I could give split second sound 10 stars I would!!!! Jonah was our main DJ and there was not a...

Matthew & Ashley Caffey

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
28 May 2016
In my opinion, a DJ is one of (if not the most) important part of a wedding.  Jonah and the entire...

Ross & Lauren Cooper

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
29 May 2016
For anyone that wants their wedding DJ to be interactive, crowd-pleasing, and have everyone out on the dance floor from start to...

Alex & Nicole Fink

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
30 Apr 2016
There are not enough words to describe the amazing experience we had with Jonah through Split Second Sound. From the...

Gavin & Kathryn Pedrotty

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
14 Feb 2015
Split Second Sound is hands-down the best and go-to DJ in the Charlotte area for weddings (and I've been to a...

Geoffty & Lorin Bent

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
18 Jun 2016
Our DJ from Split Second Sound, Jonah Pearl, was outstanding. He truly made our special day memorable from the start to the...

Sean & Lucia Huber

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
2 Jul 2016
Words cannot adequately do justice to what an incredible show that Split Second Sound put on at our wedding. Our...

Chris & Natalie Ford

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
23 Jul 2016
This email serves as an outstanding performance review for Jonah at SSS in regards to our wedding on July 23rd.Gabriel...

Gabriel & Stacey Robbins

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
13 Aug 2016
I just wanted to tell you how happy we were with Jonah who was the DJ at my daughter's wedding at...

Doug & Anne Hepper

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
25 Sep 2016
To Jonah, Giovanni, and the whole Split Second Sound team,     Zach and I can honestly not put into words how much...

Zach & Holly Brady

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
10 Sep 2016
Dear Split Second Sound,   The days leading up to our wedding were more than stressful. We had many unfortunate things occur which...

Eric & Ashton Moore

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
31 Aug 2016
We cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate you being a part of our special day! We could tell you...

Palak & Lori

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
23 Sep 2016
Splits Second sound re not just DJs. They are an entertainment company! From customizing your playlist, to assuring your schedule...

Eric & Christine Poltawsky

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
24 Sep 2016
We had a fantastic experience with our awesome DJ Jonah and Split Second Sound! Jonah went above and beyond to...

Stephen & Victoria Carey

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
17 Sep 2016
My review will likely get lost in the thousands of excellent reviews that Split Second Sound receives. Weddings are expensive,...

Jason & Crystal Durr

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
4 Jun 2016
Hello Jonah & all of Split Second Sound!!! I have been wanting to write this review for quite awhile!! We...

Todd & Mary Ann Guthrie

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
22 Oct 2016
When it came to selecting my wedding vendors, there was no question who I would be booking with for DJ...

Daniel & Amy Foster

Rasheed - MC DJ Owens
17 Dec 2016
"The entire SSS team was great to work with. Rasheed was our DJ for our cocktail hour and reception and...

Tammy Thomas-Bennett

LeVar - MC DJ Owner's Pick Gladden
17 Jul 2010
"Levar and Neil were excellent!  We spoke prior to the wedding giving them a general idea of the type of...

Jessica Crockett

LeVar - MC DJ Owner's Pick Gladden
8 Mar 2015
"LeVar was our Entertainment host for our wedding- He was amazing!!! As far as our guests, we had a diverse...


LeVar - MC DJ Owner's Pick Gladden
28 Sep 2013
"We loved everything! LeVar was great! We had so many compliments about the music, even the music being played during...

Benjamin & Karla Brown

LeVar - MC DJ Owner's Pick Gladden
15 May 2010
"I just wanted to thank Levar for DJing my wedding on May 15th.  Everyone said it was the best wedding...

Mahailey Davis Nettles

LeVar - MC DJ Owner's Pick Gladden
18 Oct 2013
"My daughter planned her wedding in 7 weeks. We had met Vinny from Split Second Sound at a Bridal Fair...

Carol Cammisa - Father of the Bride

LeVar - MC DJ Owner's Pick Gladden
17 Jan 2015
"Let me start by saying that every decision you make while wedding planning is so important, and in my case...

Matthew & Sarah Anastasio

Vinny - MC DJ Elite Esposito
3 Nov 2012
"Thanks so much! We loved it! Everyone had a great time at the reception! They were so entertaining and there was...

Michael & Christen Carter

Vinny - MC DJ Elite Esposito
8 Nov 2014
"When I first booked Split Second Sound, I was a little hesitant. When I dreamt of my wedding day, I...

Chuck & Hannah Chronis

Vinny - MC DJ Elite Esposito
30 Apr 2011
"Adam and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding the best...

Adam & Ashleigh Dunne

Vinny - MC DJ Elite Esposito
5 Sep 2010
"Vinny & Jonnywere wonderful and I am so glad that I chose them. It was more than I dreamed for!"...

Kristine Fedor

Vinny - MC DJ Elite Esposito
5 Feb 2011
Hello Vinny, I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance. You and your team took control and were...

Dorianne Bellamy

Vinny - MC DJ Elite Esposito
31 Oct 2009
"I just wantedto take a minute to thank you for such a great time at our wedding on Saturday. We...

Lily Lieu

Vinny - MC DJ Elite Esposito
16 May 2009
"Vinny and his assistant Lydia did a fantastic job with our wedding. Everyone that was in attendance had so much...

John & Holly Tidikis

Vinny - MC DJ Elite Esposito
4 Oct 2008
"Let me tell you- everyone is still talking about how much fun our wedding was and how awesome you were!!!...

Stephanie Fitzpatrick

Vinny - MC DJ Elite Esposito
20 Jun 2009
Richard and I would absolutely say "Exceeded all expectations!" to describe the night. We had an absolutely wonderful time at...

Rene Burkley

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
5 Oct 2013
Jonah and his partner Danny at Split Second Sound did an amazing job at my wedding! I'm so glad I...

Ashleigh Dugger

Jonathan - MC DJ Kessler
12 Oct 2013
Jonathan K. was amazing!  From the pre-planning to the end of the night, he was fabulous.  His personality was great...

Cassie Carden

Rashaad - MC Wynn
12 Oct 2013
SSS is a great company to work with! We were not local, so they did a great job of having...

Danielle Miller

Steve - MC DJ Bradle
5 Oct 2013
Our experience with Split Second Sound was incredible. Steve did an amazing job at our wedding. He is absolutely the...

Stefanie Eizenga

28 Sep 2013
I want to personally thank Eric for doing a phenomenal job at our daughters wedding. The music at the ceremony...

Holly Lewis

James 'JD' - MC DJ Dickens
21 Sep 2013
All that I can say is that JD and Danny were AMAZING! We had an outside wedding and it rained...

Christine Cherry

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
22 Sep 2013
Jonah was amazing!. He did it all. No equipment failures. No dead air ever! Wireless worked without drop outs, cables...

Bob Albertson

Dennis - MC DJ Mercurio
14 Sep 2013
We truly could not have been happier with everything Dennis and the SSS family did for our event. I've always...

Ashleigh Arnold

13 Sep 2013
You guys ROCK! Eric was awesome – he played great music and engaged the crowd before the event. He also...

Kamin Brennan/Visit Charlotte

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
31 Aug 2013
I used Jonah from split second sound and he was FABULOUS! He was very nice and listened to exactly what...

Emily Shupe

James 'JD' - MC DJ Dickens
7 Sep 2013
I'm sad I didn't get to dance as much at my wedding as I do others, but luckily I didn't...

Emily Healy

Derek - MC DJ Elite Andreas
31 Aug 2013
We thoroughly enjoyed working with split second sound!! Our djs Derek and Bradley exceeded our expectations! This was our most expensive vendor...

Morgan Kropelin

7 Sep 2013
Our DJs Eric and Demar were great, as we knew they would be. Split Second Sound is known for being...

Brandy Ingram

Derek - MC DJ Elite Andreas
6 Oct 2012
Everything was great and went off without a hitch. Derek was a pleasure to work with and very professional and...

Lori and Brooks Sinclair

James 'JD' - MC DJ Dickens
31 Aug 2013
JD and his assistant did an amazing job, they could not have pulled it off any better. All our suggestions...

Hamza Seqqat

James 'JD' - MC DJ Dickens
20 Apr 2013
JD did an excellent job! I would not only use Split Second Sound again, but I would specifically request JD....

Melissa Armstrong

Rashaad - MC Wynn
1 Dec 2012
A big thank you goes out to our DJ Rashaad Wynn.  He did a great job with our Company Holiday...

Annette Peterson

Neil - DJ McCleery
26 May 2012
Rashaad and Neil were awesome! They were absolutely wonderful! I've already recommended them and SSS to a friend of ours!...

Brook Badgett

Rashaad - MC Wynn
31 Dec 2012
I just wanted to say thank you to Rashaad for the excellent job he did with the ceremony and reception...

Denise Glover

Neil - DJ McCleery
22 Sep 2012
It was all amazing.  Everything was perfect, Neil kept the music going and everyone was dancing the whole time.  People are still...

Brittany Mays

17 May 2013
Eric J did a phenomenal job, as always, at our Pit Stop event last week. He is very engaging, friendly and...

Patty Hunter

25 May 2013
I would like to thank our DJ Kyle for being able to work on such short notice and to do an amazing...

Brian Mcdonough

8 Jun 2013
We were extremely pleased with the way Eric Weinbrenner handled our event. He was punctual, organized and very easy to deal...

Mary Venker

Jonny - MC DJ Elite Piscitelli
6 Oct 2012
I just wanted to thank you again for making our wedding reception one to remember!  I can't tell you how many people complimented...

Brian and Melissa Lehmann

Neil - DJ McCleery
6 Apr 2013
Split Second Sound did a WONDERFUL job at our wedding!  When I had previously spoke to the DJ Neil before the...

Jamie Faris

Joey - MC DJ Elite Verde
9 Mar 2013
Erin and I would like to thank you for a job exceptionally well done at our Founders Hall wedding on Saturday night....

Jason & Erin Bennett

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
3 Mar 2013
Jonah is the best!!!  I won't lie we had super high expectations since my husband and I both work at ballantyne country...

Dana Poley

Derek - MC DJ Elite Andreas
26 Jan 2013
You guys made the party! People have been emailing and texting me all day how much fun they had. Thank...

Debra Slosman

26 May 2012
I meant to send this note to you earlier to express our praise for Mark our DJ. We realized that the DJ...

Jeffrey Del Rosso

Rashaad - MC Wynn
27 Apr 2012
We were referred to Spit Second Sound from the mother of a bride that had Vinny as a DJ at her...

Brandy Harter

12 May 2012
I had a fantastic experience with y'all! Everything from the meeting before the wedding all the way to the day of the...

Ali Currier

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
28 Apr 2012
Split Second Sound was the best investment we could have made for our reception. Jonah is an amazing DJ and...

Amber McCarter

Derek - MC DJ Elite Andreas
25 Feb 2012
I cannot say enough good things about Derek and Split Second Sound. He contacted me a few times before the event to...

Samantha Jennings

Jonny - MC DJ Elite Piscitelli
17 Mar 2012
All the employees at Split Second Sound were wonderful but the person who really went above and beyond was Jonny,...

Sara Barkman

28 Jan 2012
I don't even know where to start... they were just amazing. Completely professional. They knew exactly what they were doing-...

Amanda O'Connor

Vinny - MC DJ Elite Esposito
6 Sep 2009
I would like to rate all questions as Exceeded Expectations! I have absolutely no complaints, everything was wonderful! My friends...

Jamie Bubenzer

29 Oct 2011
DJ Michael Finch did the music for our wedding in Lake Lure. The venue was small and the crowd was small...

Lisa Hopkins

Dennis - MC DJ Mercurio
23 Sep 2011
Dennis was everything we wanted in a DJ.  He went above and beyond asking myself and Mike if he could get us...

Brandy Hickman

Dennis - MC DJ Mercurio
30 Jul 2011
I have nothing but amazing things to say about Dennis! He was so much fun and really ...

Hanna Jones

Dennis - MC DJ Mercurio
20 Jun 2009
I was afraid at first hiring a DJ because at all of the weddings I have been to the DJ...

Melanie S

Rashaad - MC Wynn
7 Aug 2010
We had a bit of a crisis on our hands with the previous DJ that we booked through another company.  He called...


Rashaad - MC Wynn
22 Oct 2011
Rashaad and Mike did everything perfectly! Just as Rashaad's online reviews boast, he's an amazing MC and REALLY gets the party going!...

Laura Ferguson

Rashaad - MC Wynn
3 Sep 2011
I must say that Rashaad and Eddie were absolutely wonderful!! I truly could not have asked for a better MC than Rashaad!...

Amanda Collins

Derek - MC DJ Elite Andreas
23 Jul 2011
I just wanted to share how pleased we were with our DJs Derek and Jordan M. The reception was great and...

Siobhan Grant

Derek - MC DJ Elite Andreas
28 May 2011
 I'm more than happy to tell you that the wedding was wonderful.  All of the guests were very engaged at...

Joanne Rychlik

Derek - MC DJ Elite Andreas
16 May 2009
You guys EXCEEDED my expectations! Derek was on top of things, especially when it came to things my other vendors...

Steph McElveen

Steve - MC DJ Bradle
30 Apr 2011
My husband, Craig, and I were married on April 30, 2011. We held the reception at Bonterra in Dilworth and...

Kelley Flowe

Steve - MC DJ Bradle
18 Jun 2011
Steve and Alina were AWESOME!! Steve met with me before the wedding to secure all details. He was very specific and clear about...

Heather Addison

Steve - MC DJ Bradle
14 Aug 2010
  Split Second Sound was amazing to work with from the very beginning.  The moment we met with Steve and...

Natalie Dills

Steve - MC DJ Bradle
1 Jan 2010
Our wedding was fantastic… We had a dream ceremony and then came the reception. All my guests were so excited...

Cathy Farnham

5 Mar 2011
Eric and Neil and the team- You did an outstanding job. You really made the event! Everyone had a...

Celeste Barone

12 Mar 2011
Our event was FABULOUS!!!!  Eric, Neil and Rashaad were amazing as were the party motivators.  We have not stopped ...

Wanda Greenfield

27 Feb 2010
I can't thank you enough for the job you did at Dan and Jake's Bar Mitzvah party.  You heard what...

Sheri Jessell

2 Oct 2010
  I just wanted to let you know that Eric was AWESOME at our wedding celebration on Oct. 2!  He...

Cory Lippard

James 'JD' - MC DJ Dickens
15 Oct 2011
We were totally impressed with JD's professionalism, and loved his fun, laid-back, smooth style of DJing our wedding. It was...

Jule Barnitt

Jonathan - MC DJ Kessler
21 May 2011
Eddie & Jon were INCREDIBLE. Being wedding photographers ourselves, Walter & I both know how important a good DJ is to a wedding....

Heather Garland

James 'JD' - MC DJ Dickens
24 Sep 2011
Where do I start? Jonathan and James (JD) were assigned to my wedding and they were, in one word, INCREDIBLE! As soon...

Justin Pompey

17 Sep 2011
We had a great experience using SSS. I felt like Eric really listened to our requests and the ceremony and the...

Emily Blair

Jonny - MC DJ Elite Piscitelli
9 Apr 2011

Leigha Christenbury

Neil - DJ McCleery
22 Oct 2011
I can’t tell you how wonderful Neil was! He was simply outstanding at making sure that everything was well organized and...

Frances Hartley (Mother of the Bride)

21 May 2011
Our DJ, Mark was wonderful and really brought a lot of energy to our reception! Split Second Sound really does...

MaryKatherine Byrd

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
30 Apr 2011
Words can not describe how amazing Jonah was at our wedding reception. I am still getting compliments about how much...

Jessica Rankin

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
26 Mar 2011
 Jonah was the perfect fit for the wedding and reception.  His energy, enthusiasm, and attention to detail was excellent.  During...

Parker Sturges

Jonah - MC DJ Owner's Pick Pearl
9 Oct 2010
 Thank you Jonah Pearl and Split Second Sound for an awesome job at the Hinely / Reid Wedding Saturday night,...

Janice Hinely

Rashaad - MC Wynn
10 Jul 2010
We just wanted to write a quick email thanking Rashad, and your company, for making our wedding day an absolute...

Anna and Oliver Travieso

Rashaad - MC Wynn
1 Mar 2008
Just wanted to let you know that we thought Rashaad did a great job! He was there on time, had...

Misty Jones

Neil - DJ McCleery
1 Aug 2009
Neil and Rashaad did an excellent job for both our ceremony and reception. We left the music selection for the...

Leo Keoing

Partner of Visit Charlotte NACE